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Bananadine is a mythical drug that can be extracted from the skins of bananas.

First described in the "Anarchist's Cookbook" at least 100 years ago, banana peels as a way to get high has been a too long-standing joke - in fact it's so much of a well known myth in druggie communities, that it rarely ever manages to generate any lulz, unless a newbie fucktard sets himself as a target by hesitatingly asking about bananas getting you high. If you're lucky enough to meet such an ignorant fucktard on a drug forum , be sure to troll the shit out of him.

Recent research

Some argue that new scientific research on bananas is on the way and they indeed can be cooked into something that blows your brain out.

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Ways to troll IRL

Interwebz illiterate druggies are too old to not know the banana tale as Anarchist's cook book was invented befoar the internets - on the other hand a younger druggie so fucktard who hasn't heard of this will probably have OD'ed by now. One trick, which also gets you lots of free bananas to eat is spotting a junky with no junk contact and convince him that this shit really works, but you just don't have any money.

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