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Banditkazoo is just one of the furfags on deviantart and youtube. Also known currently as "Shotakits" and "Spiffy."


Her fursona is Bandit.. or is it Spice.. Maybe Domino or Kazoo. Who knows, she changes her fursona almost every week. She claims to "Love a design more" or "Just not me anymore". Even her friends are starting to get fed up with her changing designs and fursonas left and right. If someone draws her fursona wrong she points out what's wrong rudely and doesn't say thank you.

Youtube Whore

In Bandtit's earlier youtube days, she was rising up with the queens of whores. This was back in the time of youtube groups. The group was made for furfags and pokefags to find a mate. During this time she was on the youtube account DarknessZeUmbry66. She would go to every male that was "Looking for a mate (But would love to find friends)" saying "i can b ur gf :3" without even knowing them. She tried and only succeeded when the person was tired of her bugging them or if they were really desperate man-whores.


Banditkazoo emo dA post.png

Our wonderful saviors came and saved the day. Bandit was put in her place and everyone soon opened their eyes to the slut she was. Some would make fake message screenshots which people believed to be real even though the grammar was way off and too correct to be from her. Others would make accounts pretending to be male and date her to later on break up and say that "They were only messing with her". Knowing she was losing the fight, she begun to throw horrible insults and comebacks at the trolls. Within losing, she said "y do bad things happen 2 good ppl ;;"

The Accounts

Bandit was known as many people who she claimed weren't her. These people were by the names of Jolts, Blitz, Razor, Glacey, Spooky, Snowfire, and so many more. We all knew she was them. Same drawing style, horrible pokefag designs, and same typing style. She would use these to get boyfriends and girlfriends. Most were male leaving Snowfire and Glacey to be the only females. Whenever someone would figure out they were her, she would abandon the account and make a new one. The only one which was never found out was Glacey, which was abandoned long after. She had accounts to date herself, too! These were Jagged(Now known as Berry aka Internut7 on deviantart) and Jake. By this time, Bandit had gotten better at faking personalities and making new drawing styles. This made it hard for anyone to figure it out.


Currently, Bandit pretends to be Internut7, chillyrox, and MapleSyrupx. The drawing styles are hard to tell apart, but look close and check the way they type and how they design. Shows that they are the same person. Why else would they be so inactive?

Growing Into A Whiteknight

Bandit currently is growing into a whiteknight. She get's into business that she shouldn't stick her nose into. She races to Rena and Outlaw's defense, but not so often. When she does, she makes a fool of herself. She does it often enough to be seen as a possible whitenight.

Baaaaw For Attention

Attention Whore.png

Bandit claims at times she is "sad" and once said in a journal that "She wished for someone to shoot her." Yet, she is nice and happy when you talk to her?? Even during a livestream of her's she sounded fine. Bandit is an attention whore using the "Emo" excuse to get attention. She fails at it most of the time anyway. On Tumblr she posts "suicidal" posts and then says she's not even going to commit suicide. She gets a lot of attention for it, then she stops with the "suicide" stuff.

Tumblr Anon Speaks Truth

On Bandit's tumblr, an anon had sent her a message that shows how she actually is.

truth about bandit.png

With this, Bandit fights back with horrible excuses and threatens to block the anon. She just couldn't handle the truth.


So according to two different journals, Bandit has abandoned her deviantfart account Banditkazoo. Her new account on there is SensitiveDoer and her new youtube is CzarManx. What bullshit will she pull this time?

Attempted Cheating?

Apparently, Bandit has been with one person for almost a year. But in more recent news she has sent to a completely different person on Tumblr. Signs also show that she had some sort of thing with an apparent close friend of hers during the time they were sharing an account. It seems not only that, but she tried to date herself again, but later changed the signs around to point to "Best Bros"

best bros huh?
i swer they r just friends!!

Dating a twelve year old

Jen is now dating "Gunsm0kee," twelve year old art tracer who is also a transexual whale man. She also constantly insists she's thirteen when she's obviously twelve.

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