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All aboard!

The bandwagon is the dreadful thing you feel a compulsive desire to jump on. It can be any idea, concept, style or passtime that in itself might be harmless, but reaches the level of popularity where people associate themselves with it to bolster their sense of unwarranted self-importance.

Recent and notable examples of bandwagons include Twilight, identifying yourself and your mother/brother/brotha as anonymous (and thereby doing it wrong), and any forced memes. Wikileaks has recently been added the list of bandwagons.

Why does it happen?

Bandwagons are about as old as time, going back to when the first dumb Mexican saw the first dumb black person style of clothing and thought it was cool.

It is a part of newfags' nature to jump on bandwagons, as they were late to the party and wanted to get laid too.

Unfortunately, this means that no matter what it is, it has the potential to become a bandwagon. Anything that has ever been funny has also been butchered by constant copypasta. In fact, everything has been butchered by copypasta.


This bandwagon has potential for some minor lulz, as it is a fad about fighting against fads. Followers of this idea will often dress like Judd Nelson's character in the Breakfast Club, and they'll be about as intelligent as the movie's message.

Trolling them, of course, is what you want to know about. So how does one troll these self-hating teens? (God help you if the faggot is older than teenaged)


  • Point out that they probably got the idea to 'fight the man' from a group of their friends.
  • Tell them they all dress the same.
  • Tell them they all listen to the same music.
  • Tell them they all do fucking everything the same and are basically clones of one another.
  • If they have a Facebook, LJ or one of those things that get you raped, remind them that all of that social-networking bullshit is a giant bandwagon. Bonus points for Twitter users.

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