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Listen to Uncle Sam: Don't be a Bandwidth Bandit, or else.
beebee890 rapes youtube with pointless acts of fucktardation.
Your mom is a dirty bandwidth thief also...

Bandwidth is, technically, the amount of data that can be sent over a certain digital connection. Dramatically, however, it's the type of stuff that users who partake in icon theft, Friendittoing, and illegal downloading steal, much to the chagrin of the bandwidth owners.

Bandwidth as penis

The more you have, the better you are. If you have tons for free, it means you're invincible to issues involved with stealing it or running out or being charged for being popular. Some are said to have a supply of unlimited disposable bandwidth. ED is one of those entities.

How to Steal Bandwidth

Stealing bandwidth is extremely easy and fun!

  • You can direct-link (Hotlink) to a photo. The larger the better, and if you can get multiple people to link to the picture, even better. Typically, you'll be able to screw people with Photobucket or some other free photo hosting service the best, as they get a blank placeholder after using their daily bandwidth. Suggested places to do so: Show your boobs, Nouglybabies.
  • Direct-link to an mp3. mp3s are significantly larger than pictures, and will suck up bandwidth faster than Mediacrat with a cock at a gay bar.
  • Use Megaloader. This tool will fucking pwn the bandwidth out of any website not on the blacklist. For maxmimum lulz, make sure you use lots of images and set it to x200.

Potential Consequences of Stealing Bandwidth

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