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Is what would happen if community college frat boys designed 4chan. A Webforum with epic amounts of Fail, date rape and anti-lulz. Banned All Stars sees itself in the same light as anonymous. However none of its members posses the 1337 H4><2or Sk1LlZ needed for a DDoS attack or the organization to pull off a real raid. Instead they attack sites by trolling, or as an outsider might see it: starting awkward conversations.

The site is run by a bunch of niggers who either worship Xenu or love Rammstein. They do absolutely nothing but act like a bunch of faggots.

To begin with, the “site” isn’t even a site because they couldn’t build a site with their free software to save their lives and all their meager attempts at acquiring a legit webmaster have failed because their so-called legit webmasters are as big a bunch of drug users and abusers than anyone associated with their so-called site, that in reality, is nothing more than a glamorized message board.

If the owners and administration weren’t a big enough pile of horseshit, you have the people who run the forums that are probably one of the biggest groups of cockswallowers you’ll find on the interweb. Those guys do nothing but laugh when people make fun of your face, body, religion, race or because you wear 8 too many rings on your fingers.

If those assholes aren’t giving out your personal information, like your first name, which could lead people to know what your first name is, they’re making fun of your depression or suicidal feelings. They like doing ubergay things like letting people decide what your name should be and all sorts of other super faggoty e-things.

All they seem to talk about is piss, feces, puke, death or all four at the same time and there seems to be many Australian gay males on the site for some reason. To outsiders it may seem that they’re just trying to be annoying, but in reality, they’re really into that nigger trash.

They also have chat rooms, one is super totally gay because it’s Flashchat but their IRC chat room is the worst. The biggest dicks at that so-called site, frequent the IRC chat room at most hours of the day partaking in all sorts of cockholstering. They’ll kick you in a heartbeat for no reason whatsoever and they think it’s so cool and LOL when they ban you for the simplest of things. They’re also all super emo in there and it’s also filled with drunks, pill poppers, wife abusers, fat chick fuckers, rednecks, poor white trash, spics, the occasional negro, old balls and a gay accountant.

Personally, if you come across their site you should just keep going because they’re all emo and will gang up on you if you’re funnier or smarter than them and all the girls on that board are fat and attention seeking whores who feel better about their own lives when other losers tell them how pretty they are.

Don’t try to talk to anyone in charge about any concerns you have because they’ll simply make fun of you or act superior, like they’re so cool. They’re leadership is shit and they’re followers are sheep who couldn’t think for themselves if they were the last ones on the interweb.

They seem to have all these big 'ole plans about taking the interweb by storm but the only thing they’re good at is being idiots, drug users, drunks, fat niggers, and running a stupid message board disguised as some great, big website that is one step below a Geocities page.

All in all, they just suck and should be approached with caution unless you want to get their stink on you.

Luckily, on March 3, 2010, the site was devastated by a Chris Jericho fanboy who apparently loves gay nigger porn. Every faggot user was butthurt. The mods couldn't ban him because of his superior anonymous web browsing techniques. This was the only halfway decent thing to happen to the shit forum.

Common Banned All Stars Trolling Techniques

  1. Spamming the board with messages telling you to join their site.
  2. Talking about how awesome their site is while calling you a faggot ass.
  3. Getting their own site slammed with a denial of service attack by members of the site they're trying to raid.
  4. Attempting to start flame wars and getting pwned.
  5. Giving away their personal info.
  6. Epic Fail.
  7. ????
  8. PROFIT!!!

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