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Atomic.gif Warning!
HOLY SHIT! Banshee1067 wants to "kill myself, but i want to take as many people as I can with me."!!!

Lj-favicon.png Banshee1067 is what would happen if all the members of Linkin Park were fused together into one bald hideous lump. His livejournal, and subsequent posts to communities such as vent and transgender detail his complete and utter hatred of himself, and his intention to go on a killing spree and become an hero.

This is an example of a typical post by Banshee1067.


Inexplicably, Banshee1067 also posted to a transgender LJ community. Banshee1067 does not identify as female, or transgender. In fact, the only reason he posted to the community was out of extreme attention whoredom. He was swiftly pwn3d and his comebacks mostly consisted of "UGLY PEOPLE CAN'T BE NICE! NOONE WANTS ME! BAWWWWWWW!"

He also posted to ___passing___, another community for trannies, with the same goddamn pathetic story, acting on his bad habit of x-posting reworded self-loathing diarrhea for maximum pity.

stfu srsly

Although his visit to the Transgender community is probably the strangest report of this big fat fucking Frankenstein's online activity, it doesn't exactly make his other wanderings any less wtf. First he can't shut up about how he wants to be a tiny, skinny girl (essentially a J-Rock puss) in a pro-ana community. Then, literally one minute later (what) he disclosed a feederism fetish.

He also posted in whatdoyouhate about his huge bald self and got seriously butthurt when one of over 9000 told him to shut up because it's just hair.

Stupid Free Gets Involved

The above-pasted post to LJ's vent community did not go unnoticed, and became the subject of a post to stupid_free. Lulz ensued, and 423 comments later, LJ Abuse waded into the firestorm with a bucket of gasoline.

Banshee1067 responds to trolling

Banshee immediately responded to Anonymous' demands he kill himself with another rambling, drunken diatribe that began with:

My throat is raw after inducing vomiting to clear my head. Got a few rude, childish 
comments encouraging me to commit suicide, all of which I smiled at. It's funny to see people 
so intent on being "shocking" that I cannot take their piggish, mean-spirited remarks to heart. 
Anyone who encourages another to commit suicide is, to me, not someone to take seriously....
despite my depressed state, I take it as humor and judiciously delete the comments, reporting 
the hogs as spam. Figure they're probably at least as bored as I am, and I honestly feel a bit 
sorry for them, weaklings throwing out insults in an attempt to get attention. The equivalent 
of a fourth-grader saying dirty words in an empty classroom.

Oh no! We're being reported as spam! CALLS POISONS INFORMATION. INDUCE VOMITING.

Shortly after making this post about how much he doesn't care, he came here to blank this page. GG, User:Superman1978!

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