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Barbara Schwarz is a Scilon kikess who left Germany to reside in Salt Lake City. She is the former head of Scientology in Germany, but is now best known for filing a record number of requests under the United States "Freedom of Information" Act, and for filing a huge number of lawsuits dismissed as frivolous, even 35 that reached the US Supreme Court.

Many of these "Freedom of Information" requests attempt to substantiate her claims that she is the granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the daughter of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, that she lived in a seekrit submarine base under the Great Salt Lake until age four, that she was kidnapped as a child by Nazis and taken to Germany, and that her alleged Scientologist husband Mark "Marty" Rathbun, who she alleges is the secret heir to the Rothschild fortune was wrongfully arrested in Spain in 1988 and taken to the USA, where she believes he is secretly being held.

Hard as that is to rival, however, she is perhaps most known for her Usenet/newsgroup postings on the topic of Scientology, on alt.religion.scientology as well as any other newsgroup that strikes her fancy. As she was president of the German branch of the Church of Scientology in the '80s, she knows a lot about it.

Following dustups with various ISPs, Barbara used to do most of her internets work from the public computers at the Salt Lake City Public Library. This led, after many complaints specifically concerning her, to the entire Utah Educational Network being placed on the Abusive Hosts Blocking List, at which time the Library b& her from computer access.

Press release

On 21 April 2010, Barbara issued the following amazing press release:

"Scientologists fears terror attack"

Psychiatric mind control can transform angry individuals into terrorists as already indicated by psychiatrist George Estabrooks

Scientologists-fear-terror-attack.png, 4/21/2010 - Undisclosed location (USA) – A Scientologist for decades and the former President of the Church of Scientology Germany and one of the three former board members of international Scientology trusts (Sea Org Reserves) is concerned that the brand new image of so-called "violent Scientologists" as recently portrayed in the media could result in psychiatric organized terror acts within a Scientology organizations or another location. The danger would not lie within the religion, the teachings and the technology of L. Ron Hubbard or the doing of any Scientologist but rather within psychiatrists and other Scientology enemies who might organize terror acts against Scientologists or others with the sole purpose to blame them on Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard or Scientologists in order to outlaw the religion.

"Scientology organizations are infiltrated since years by an organized non-Scientologists movement that destroys the religion from the inside by acting non-religious, e.g. altering the religion or beating up on each other to cause a bad reputation for L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology", says Barbara Schwarz who left her position in Scientology years ago because infiltrators in Scientology organizations and outside attackers ganged up on her. "Serious indicators are all in place", she adds, "step one was infiltrating the Scientology organizations, step two was beating each other up or behaving otherwise not religious, step three is national and international media coverage selling the broad public the idea that Scientologists are violent (while they in fact are not violent and violence is a serious violation of L. Ron Hubbard's policies), and the next step in this line could be a terror attack. Right now, it would be all about manipulating the opinion of the broad public so that nobody would questions anybody else but Scientologists when such a terror act would take place. Once the public is convinced that Scientologists are violent, psychiatrists could go through with napping somebody who is public or staff in a Scientology organization and condition the mind of that person and turning her into a terrorist who opens fire on Scientologists or opens fire on non-Scientologists just as the world has already seen in the many with terror acts that were not related to Scientology. A terror act within a Scientology organization or another place would help the international organized anti-Scientology movement to outlaw the religion Scientology.

Barbara Schwarz is convinced that an L. Ron Hubbard was "impostored" by a doppelganger for much of his life and that it was the impostor and not the founder of Scientology who died 1986 in San Obispo County and that infiltrators within the Church of Scientology accepted also a doppelganger of Mark or Marty Rathbun into Scientology. She claims that Marty Rathbun, resident of Ingleside, Texas, is not the original Mark or Marty Rathbun of Scientology of who she suspect is somewhere innocently and wrongfully incarcerated. She said that reporters should compare videos and the many photos of these individual online and would come to the same conclusion. They would be just lookalikes with very different characters and personalities and she made reference that e.g. Saddam Hussein had a couple of doppelgangers and that doppelgangers are no science fiction.

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