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If you have one of these, you deserve to be raped in the ass by angry, AIDS infected werewolves repeatedly. It is Wikipedia's initiation ceremony, after all.
Wikipedia's most-coveted barnstar.
The Ultimate Barnstar.

If you are a wikipedophile or just a wannabe, the barnstar is right for you! Archaic, meaningless, and most definitely homosexual (JUST LIKE YOU!), this is the perfect reward for any faggot on TOW whose parents never paid any attention to them.

Barnstars can be handed out, or hoarded, depending on whether you want to kiss MONGO's ass or become a self-centered TOW fagmin yourself. I don't know about you, but this sounds like a shitty deal. And when I mean shitty, I mean Wikipedia shitty. Two million Jimbo Wales sockpuppets can't be wrong!

Handing out these uber kewl rewards is also the best way to suck up to admins, and become one yourself. Surely you want in on the Hivemind, the Collective Consciousness, THE MASS MINDFUCK? Of course you do! FUCKING N00B.

Please send all your barnstars to:

This user. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty in service of the fine project, WIKIPEDOPHILIA.

Or if you just want to piss people off give them to yourself. You gotta look out for number 1!!!

Start here plz.


These people actually wasted their time to get all of these worthless pieces of shit.

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