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ברוך קופל גולדשטיין‎‎
Nationality: Israeli  MiniflagIsrael.png
Highscore Killed 29, injured 125
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Style Single player
An Hero? No, lynched by mob

Baruch Kopel Goldstein was a 37 year old Israeli-American man who followed the Torah to its word and slaughtered 29 filthy Palestinian goyim and almost raped 125 others in an epic bloodbath that would come to be known as the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre. He was a far-right Orthodox Jew, part of the Kach movement, a radical kike reich that existed from 1971 until 1994 (when it got b&); a cult too extreme for even Israel - one of the world's leading terrorist nations, only surpassed by Dumbfuckistan, China, and Best Korea. His massacre only ended after the peaceful Palestinians overcame him - and brutally lynched him to death. The aftermath drew much praise from countless extremist kikes, while the leftists (Self-hating Jews) BAWWW'd for weeks.


How could someone be such a dickhead as to commit mass murder upon countless innocents? Maybe it's the fact that Baruch was born in Brooklyn, New York; Noo Yahk'ahs aint exaktly known fo'hre dere frindly additudez. Like many scumbags from the city, he was born to a privileged Jewish family. He was strictly raised by the Orthodox faith, infamous for being fucked up beyond belief - on par with Islam. Due to being a kike, he easily got into one of the many (((Colleges))), because the professors gave him more priority over more hard working students. He was a member of the Jewish Defense League, a terrorist kike organization- just so happened to have been formed by his childhood friend.

Israeli Initiation

Sometime in the 1960s (1963 to be exact), Goldstein flied out to Israel, served as a medic in the Israeli Army, then retired from the military to work as a civilian doctor- where he flat out refused to service any arabs. He was often autistic and cruel, like many kikes are. He got butthurt over Israel having democracy; even comparing it to Nazi Germany.


Class Setup
Item Accessories/Bonus
  • Primary: IMI Galil
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  • Four 35 round magazines; 140 rounds total. 22~33 Damage.
  • Perk 1: Stopping Power
ESM Stopping Power.png
  • Increases bullet damage to rape the enemies.
  • Perk 2: Zionism
Israel flag.gif
  • Double damage against Arabs, Americans, and Germans.


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Weapons used in the attack.

There will be a day when one Jew will take revenge on the Arabs.


—Baruch Goldstein

The Cave of the Patriarchs is an ancient construct that plays a very important role to Jews and Muslims. It has been, and still is, divided into two section; one for each religion. This is in order to avoid the inevitable conflict of the two natural enemies coming in contact. It was under the occupation of the Israelis (AshkeNAZIs). Baruch was able to disguise himself as a security guard, and walked into the arab half without any resistance or interference from the Israeli guards. Namely, because he was dressed in his military uniform. Once he infiltrated the location, he waited until the crowd got on their arms and knees for the late-stages of the prayers. Then, he quickly initiated the bloodbath cleansing; shooting over 150 motherfuckers before he ran out of ammo; an impressive feat considering he only had 140 rounds of ammunition for his rifle. Some fucker threw a fire extinguisher at him and smacked him in the head, knocking him out. He was Zerg Rushed by the crowd and savagely lynched to death- a fitting fate for such an evil kike.

Palestinian Chimpout

As usual, Palestinians everywhere chimped out, sparking massive riots, which resulted in dozens if not hundreds of deaths. These chimpouts rivaled even the infamous 1992 Los Angeles riots.


Israelis mostly condemned the bloodbath cleansing, with only a small minority of kikes worshiping their true hero. The act inflicted Troll's Remorse on 80% of the kikes. The Israeli Government did something good for once, and outlawed the terrorist organization that Goldstein was part of. They pulled an Obongo and confiscated the guns of neo-jazis everywhere. Of course, they needed to take out their anger on some innocent Palestinians too, by banning them from entire streets and areas for years; even if they had homes there. The Israeli government formed the Shamgar Commission, which sought to investigate the attack. They found that the filthy kike Baruch Goldstein had some common characteristics of 99% of mass shooters:

  • He acted alone, and told nobody of his plans
  • He had a small dick
  • He was a virgin
  • The intelligence agencies fucking fail at their jobs
  • Security Guards too
  • Survivors provided shitty testimony that often contradicted
  • Plenty of sick fucks tried to justify Baruch's actions


Shortly after the epic bloodbath, thousands of kikes flocked to Goldstein's grave to pay homage to their hero. The government tried to understate the amount of fanatics, but the fib fooled few goys. Countless rabbis praised the actions of Goldstein. Eventually, in the late 90s, his grave was pwn'd. The cultists continued on though, even dressing their kids up like Goldstein on the anniversary. Even in the 2010s, an occasional yid invokes his memory, trolling more Palestinians into chimping out and getting put down.

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Spammed shit like a Faggot
Murdered sand niggers
Extreme butthurt in the Levant
Kickstarting the Kike Reich
Total Score: 94/100 (A)
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Baruch Goldstein did nothing wrong.

Goldstein Massacre

Eminem Parody

Documentary (1/3)

Documentary (2/3)

Documentary (3/3)

Another doku

Survivor testimony

Goldstein speaking at a museum

Goldstein being interviewed (starts at 1:26)


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