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Moral: Win, and get a nicer nickname
This man has been declared the honor of being Britain's biggest bastard.

At least 100 years ago, the word Bastard was once used to refer to someone who had been born of none-married parents. It was once considered something to be ashamed of and should probably still be. It is now used to declare that someone is either a complete douche or a retard. Like other words such as Faggot and Nigger, people literally spam both IRL and OTI them without any concern because nobody gives a shit any more.

Most Common Types

Science has shown that 99.99/100 nigglets are bastards. This is because the nigger "women" are sluts who fucks everything with a pulse. The common nigger female will accuse at least 11 male niggers of being the father, even though none of them are. Black females will also have sex with desperate white males in hopes of getting child support. White trash is also known to have a metric ass-ton of bastard children. They do this for money, of course.

How to become a bastard

  1. Being born;
  2. Killing Kenny;
  3. Acting Retarded;
  4. ????
  5. PROFIT!

Well known bastards

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