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This sums up BATTLECAM.COM


—BATTLECAM they gays, trannies and faggots, young and old that come here ! [1] is an interactive online video chat site that allows users to "cam up" on the main page while be watched by a crowd of 50 to 500. Underneath the users video is a "line up" of other people waiting to cam up and take their shot at staying on as much as time allows. Anyone registered for a free account has the abilities to vote like or poop. If you don't want to register, you can still watch the zany gay antics that go on each day.

Make no mistake. This is not your kids fucking chat room. Be prepared to be called anything you have ever heard including more. "Get off cam you dickfuck!". "STGFO" Show tits or get the fuck out!"

"Mangina's". The art of tucking your penis and balls back under your legs and standing there in a pose FOR every other faggot to watch. is the only chat site on the entire internet to allow others to vote "like" or "poop" on who they are watching. Anyone who cams up can gain points for the amount of time over one minute they stay broadcasting. The object is to gain as many points as you can and then trade them in for tons of junk made in china. (See points section below for list of prizes)

Battlecam started in March of 2010. The site was launched by Alki David, born May 23,1968. David hails from the wealthy family David-Leventis group. There is an ongoing debate as to where David got the idea for this new creative style of online community.

Battlecam is owned by parent company [2]. FilmOn provides movies and tv and is being sued by major corporations for copyright infringement. David has made a youtube video blasting CBS for profiting from piracy [3] themselves. Once posted on hollywoodreporter, those users comments are biased as hell. PimpinGimp and mariana are personal friends of Mr. David on battlecam. PimpinGimp moderates the chat channel and mariana has competed for and won money in "challenges". Such money is paid for stunts like : pissing on a friend, shitting on your bathroom floor and writing battlecam in it, hiding a webcam so the guy could fuck an unsuspecting lady and earn money for getting her in bed. ( this stunt was canceled because of a law violating the young ladies rights.

The site isn't complete without a daily blog written about it called ManginaInc. [4] JTVNEWS ( jealous cunt ) is the editor and chief reporter. If you missed a day or two on battlecam you can always log into ManginaInc and catch up with the latest, news, roomers and suspicious activity.

The site is failing big time because of David appointing battlecamlily to the paid position of admin. Her real name is Janet Stano. A recent campaign was launched to have her removed but Alki Davids live-in lover is also Jennifer Stano.

Warning: Entering battlecam lowers the IQ level even more. Once there you'll find everyone sitting and waiting so someone new cam come on and get screamed at. These chickenshits, sometimes wait for hours, so they don't have to rage on one of their own. We've seen it all on cam. Niggers, cross dressing trannies, alcoholism and people setting themselves on fire. We see faggots of every age category trying to turn the next straight guy they've seen as gay as they are. Battlecam rules forbid children but if you are 16 or 17 and alki takes a shining to you, then you are in ! He'll tell all the mods you are ok and you are ban free. We've seen people cam up and get paid to have a hooker give them their very first blow job, all paid for by alki david. Showing tits is always a money earner. Most stupid sluts show them for free rather than keep those puppies in and earn some bucks.

The Real Zolar

This sums up Zolar



On frequent visitor is DJ KEEMSTAR this no talent ball licker is paid to promote filmon but keeps trying to get paid to promote battlecam so he can up his $800 a month earnings. FAIL In the video below, he was on blogtv sending video to battlecam. Lily, is an admin and the "bitch' to whom he was referring while crying about a mod, AlexXx8, and his belief he was being "kicked off" by Mr. AlexXx8. Enjoy !

DJKeemstars reactions on Battlecam

This sums up Keemstar

getting owned by a black mod on battlecam and uploaded to YouTube



alki david [5] T shirt flipping you off with the middle finger, 2995 points

Panasonic DVD-LS86 Portable DVD Player Price: 16361 points

Plantronics Voyager 520 Bluetooth Earset 4809 points

HP Photosmart C4700 C4780 Inkjet Multifunction Printer 9426 points

Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 Webcam 5322 points

Viewsonic Graphic Series VG2230WM Widescreen LCD Monitor 22 inch 22,662 points

Olympus WS-400S 1GB Digital Voice Recorder 6297 points

Motorola 10" HD Digital photo Frame w/wifi : 13428 points

Haier HLC22K1 22" TV/DVD Combo 26890 points

Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade Gaming Console 15480 points

JVC LT-19A200 19" LCD TV 28920 points

Garmin nüvi 255W Automobile Navigator 17121 points

Samsonic DEF-470 Keychain Digital Photo Frame 1576 points

Logitech Quick Cam Pro 9000 Webcam (USB) 7682 points

Olympus T-100 Point & Shoot Digital Camera - 12 Mega pixel - 2.4" LCD 9476 points

Altec Lansing inMotion iM310 6297


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