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The BattleNigras are a group of nigras, who got the cops called on them by some MyspaceWhore IRL, which made for good lulz. They started by spamming Meez and fucking with Camwhores but soon worked their way up.

On August 13, 2007 the Battlenigras site crashed because the server sux balls.


  1. Boss_Nigger - Leader of the BattleNigras.
  2. Patches - contributor of e-rape. Second hand man of Battlenigras
  3. MudNigra - tryed to kill himself 12 times.
  4. carlton-the most white nigra out there.
  5. Capn_Jack - win nigga.
  6. Fresh prince-started making trouble in my...
  7. Aids...
  8. Wacked - new member contributor of sum good lulz
  9. SnookieMush - win
  10. Pedobear - friend of wacked, another great contributor to lulz.

9001. Bort - veteran nigra

On August 9th, 2007, a few nigras bruteforced a MySpace account and actually got the cops called on a girl by telling her friends that her dad had raped her, gone batshit crazy, and pulled a gun on her mom.

Thinking it was real, her friends actually called the cops. Little did they know her dad had colon cancer.

Boss_Nigger was compelled to get her, because he didn't think the black person had emos. What was even more curious was that this emo (her SN is tlk2dapsycho, talk to her for many lulz) denounced her racial identity because her parents are from Panama. So supposedly she's Mexican, even though 100% of her ancestors are black.

Gaiafag Raid


On August 7th, 2007, the BattleNigras raided the gaiafag haven and steaming cesspool of general faggotry that they loathe so much, Aside from the usual win that results wherever Battlenigras land, epic lulz were created, and uber epic win happened when a 12 year old girl with down's syndrome got on her e-knees and cybered to save her precious website. Props to Patches for cybering with her.

The epic win finale, where she revealed what she put in her vagoo, was lost to the internetz, but epic lulz where still had, and her reputation on meez was ruined.

Her meez username is rosalindd, if you feel like raping her.


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