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Typical battlestation

Battlestation is a term used by gamers to describe their overpriced computers, dropping thousands of dollars on set-ups, they are definitely not overcompensating for anything.

Basic requirements

A decent battlestation, it could use more displays.

Perfect handling of a battlestation

Want to increase your cred on the internets? The quickest way to do so is dropping thousands of dollars on a brand new gaming "rig" that will be obsolete in 6 months.

First you need a case to house all your overpriced junk , the more LED's the faster it goes. Fill it with the necessary parts, spending $1,000 on a video card is expected, you want to be part of the PC master race don't you?
Once you've wasted spent enough money for a down payment on a house and downloaded all your RAM you can now play Far Cry 3 on the highest settings. Congratulations!

No Battlestation is complete without 2 displays, so you can watch animu porn, while being pwned in Battlefield 4 by the way superior controls on PS4. A matching Razer keyboard and mouse is also a requirement.
Laptops will never be a part of a legitimate battlestation, no exceptions.

Mac users are shit out of luck, congratulations paying a premium and still being a measly peasant.

Supremacy on the battlefield

Even amongst the titans, one's supremacy will definitely be challenged. This debate is purely one of aesthetics, no matter what kind of hardware you're working with, the guy with the flashiest LED'S and most displays will always win.
Just get a new video card? Doesn't matter because it can't blink in synchronization to Skrillex.

Reddit discussions encourage weakness by prohibiting debates and personal attacks. So your best bet is to stick to /g/ when showing off your waste of money computer. You've got the best battlestation and are going to tell everyone about it.


now you are just pissing me off. that pc you build for 800 not 500 you dipshit, will look as good as a ps4 for a couple years then will get a virus and will be fucked up, nah fuck that



LMAO!!!! this guy has a wall hack!!!



All Hands Man Your Battlestations

Last Thursday some faggots decided to show off their battlestation complete with LED lighting and extreme faggotry, and chose to dub his thread "All Hands Man Your Battlestations" This has of course been repeated by every PC retard, because they don't have an independent thought in their heads. None is more present than here.

This phrase was repeated ad nauseam in Star Wars Battlefront II, meaning that all battlestation tards only know it from there, despite this game absolutely tanked on PC. The origin of the phrase is from "The Final Countdown", a movie who nobody has ever heard of.

Get to your battlestations!


Superior non-MAC Battlestation
Ultimate Gaming Setup 2013 Fully Operational Battlestation
My Current Battlestation
Ultimate Tech Office Tour Gaming Setup Desk Setup 2013
XIM3 Mouse and Keyboard on Xbox 360. Proof that gamepads are inferior.


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