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Atomic.gif Warning!
The blood of Jesus is on the page!!
Solid evidence, note her disturbing orgasm face and terrible use of cosmetics.
Jessica Szczech, Lolesbian.
BayHorseCrew with her "best friend" Tara a.k.a. her Girlfriend.
BayHorseCrew with Amy, her fugly fuck-buddy.
BayHorseCrew with a girlfriend.
BayHorseCrew with another girlfriend (she's a swinger).
Apparently she's Jewish, too
Note her lack of interest in this male, gay, amiright?
Apparently she pees in her sleep, probably because of too much sex.
Rainbow headband, GAYGAYGAY.

BayHorseCrew a.k.a. Jessica Louise Szczech is an evangelical Christian 16 year old girl from Tampa, Florida who is obsessed with rollerblading and going to rock concerts. Her Attention whore internet celebrity status comes from the serious pwnage forced onto her by the EDiot who trolled her on behalf of Bantown by phishing her password and posting a bulletin falsely announcing her lesbianism through MySpace.

Being a Christian it was expected that there would be a shitload of responses but the lulz that ensued from the bulletin sent far overreached all expectations. Surprisingly, many of the responses were supportive and only a few of her closest friends condemned her to hell.

The most lulzy response of all was that of Jessica Lyn Dickerson who came out to Jessica Szczech in her response to the bulletin stating that her response was to remain strictly confidential. Unfortunately for her at least 100 of Jessica Lyn Dickerson's friends found this article on the internets by googling her name, lol pwnd.

MySpace 'About Me' Section

An in depth auto-biography by Jessica Szczech written by her in the about me section of her MySpace, this message is the reason why she was asking for a good trolling.

I love Jesus... I serve Him with everything in me... I blame Him for all the blessings in my life!!!! God's been so good!!!!! I also love rollerblading (going to skateparks) If you want to recieve the gift that God has for you, which is eternal life... say this prayer(Romans 10:9-10 "Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and you shall be saved) Dear Lord Jesus... come into my heart... forgive me of my sins... wash me and cleanse me... set me free... thank you Jesus for dieing for me... and for coming back for me... Give me a hunger for more of God... I am on my way to Heaven because I have Jesus in my heart... I will never be the same!!! Amen!! If you are looking for a fun and exciting church to go to, check out you won't find religion there... just Jesus!!!

The First Bulletin

So I've finally found the courage to come out, I hope you can all accept me for who I am. It's so hard to be out and proud, even these days. Please contact me, I need to know if your still my friend through this.

It's very hard for me to say these things and I hope I have your support. If I don't I'll be disappointed but I'll have to deal with it. I accept that I may lose some, if not all of my friends during this journey, but it's something I desperately need to do.

Best wishes, Jessica.



Nov 20 2006 7:30 AM

God loves us unconditionally inspite of who we are and what we do He loves all people and He hates the sin ...and i feel the same for you are a sister in Christ and i love you too ,so if you need to talk i am here for you if you need me. We can pray all things through ... Love in Christ, Lydia


Nov 20 2006 7:33 AM



Nov 20 2006 9:02 AM

rofl nice one, and if its know it's a sin o-o


Nov 20 2006 9:03 AM

dont worry about what othes think....they'll stay around..n plus 5 years or so the only people that are gonna still be around is the ones you truthly want there


Nov 20 2006 11:24 AM

I thought Swinger... meant gay too... but it really means (my friend told me this and it made sense) That Married couples trade off with each others partner and have sex with them... thus they are "swingers" Intresting huh? I just learned that myself... I never knew that.... lol

So how long have you been gay Jess? I could never really tell... are you sure you're gay? I mean... you had crushes on Bryan and lotsa other guys... so I guess you haven't always been gay?

Wassup with that girl?

AND... OF COURSE WE LOVE YOU! Me, Me Mommy, My sissy Chelsy, Me brother...and me daddy... How could we not love you!?!?!

We've known you like forever.... and we will always love you! :')

You're like a sister to me... and a daughter to my Mommy... Never forget that! EVER! ;)

And if you ever wanna talk to someone... feel free to talk to us! IT's all kewl! :)

Love you!

Email back now!

and Have a nice day Jessy!

Love, -Melissa


Nov 20 2006 12:36 PM

Hello, How r u? In your profile u say that u love Jesus peace be up on him? And now u say you are gay? How these 2 things work together, in your religion being gay is forbidden? How come you are devout Christian and gay at the same time, u r hypocrite! Can not u find a nice man instead than being gay?

God did not create you gay u chose to be gay it is a choice not something you are born with ,and u have to know that.

I am sad that a good looking girl like you is gay.. u should repent to God and become straight once more if you are really devote Christian u should obey god's orders, And stop having sex with woman, having sex with men out side marriage in your religion and my religion is forbidden how about having se between woman and woman?


Nov 20 2006 12:38 PM

if you say you want to be that Gay then thats fine.... God also gave us to choose want we want to do also... in times to come then you come right out of it... until that time comes be happy on what you are doing... as long as you believe in God and warship God then he wont think nothing bad about you.... but in time he well help you to fine that other people he has in mind for you.... so have fun and never stop believing in God.... ok... peace out... and have a Bless Day....


Nov 20 2006 1:30 PM

That last one was my short responce heres my real one before I ask you in person,

Are you serious? You cannot be serious, I don't care if your one but you know you won't make it into heaven if you confess that your one, NO JUDGEMENT WHATSOEVER from me, I won't talk to you diffrent, look at you diffrent, or act diffrent around you, but you really need prayer.

Hope you turn around though to be serious with you, because (NO JUDGEMENT) it is a demon that's attacking you over a long period of time.

As long as you say you weren't born this way we can still be friends, because being that way is a choice not a birth thingy.


Nov 20 2006 1:43 PM

First of all i want to make sure it's actually You who posted this thing. please write me ASAP.

Diana. one of the coolest people on earth!


Nov 20 2006 3:24 PM


i have hung out with tons of people who are gay and still have some friends who are. im the one of the only people from church who still keeps in contact with bailey (one of the only gay kids ever to go to are church)

i lived in lowery park in DN town minneapolis the largest gay community in america had 3 trans sexual najbors one of wich ended up getting saved in a catholic church and turnd back to being a man god used him to share scriptures with me when i was on dope God will use any one no matter what they done. God has told me that i have a gift to minister to gays and drug addicts, i used to sell drugs to DJ keoki who is a woprld famous gay dj. if people conndem you for beiing gay tell them he who is with out sin cast the firts stone.

personaly i dont think your gay it could be a joke . or just mind set u acceptted to be diffrent or some thing happened to you when you your a child and nobody knows about it . sure i be your friend still we should go hang out a gay coffe shop or somthing


Nov 20 2006 3:47 PM

you're just kidding right? and even if you're not i will except you the way that you are! i love ya jess and always will. you have been an inspiration to all of us as soul winners! and just to say again, i hope you're just kidding! luv ya manders

Jessica Lyn Dickerson

Nov 20 2006 4:00 PM

Hey, so I read your bulletin and I wanted to send you a message. I don't want to come across as insesitive but I really feel you are dealing with a greater spiritual struggle. I mean you are a HUGE threat to the Devil and his plan (what, you've got like some unheard number of souls won for Christ, right?) and I believe he is doing what he can to get you confused and off God's track. And I'm not asying this as someone sitting back with her arms crossed looking at everyone else's struggles besides her own, but I say this to you as one who has also struggled with the issue of homosexuality. I tell you this in complete confidence as I have only ever shared that with one other person, who was also in your same situation. But what I can tell you from my own experience is that heterosexuality is a discipline choice just like choosing to wait to have sex till marriage, or choosing not to have a few drinks when the world tells you it's okay, or any other struggle we Christians face. And the more one quenches those feelings and temptations the easier it becomes to stay away from it. Just like a recovering alcoholic or cigarette smoker is going to be continuously tempted by thoughts and opportunities to "have just one," or how my roomate and her boyfriend will be tempted to get a little more intimate during this season before they are married, you and I will also have to face temptations to think of a girl friend in a way that may not be appropriate, or temptations to find comradery in a girl who is available to feed our emotions the way guys can't. But it just comes down to how we all handle those temptations. Just because you have those feelings or thoughts or whatever it is that makes you feel you must be lesbian, does not mean that you are. More heterosexual women than care to announce, deal with those same thoughts and feelings, obviously some more thatn others. But the truth is that most women, regardless of orientation, experience these things. And that's mostly because women have greater emotional needs than men. That's just a fact. And often, it is easier to just find satisfaction in allowing another woman (or the thought of another woman) to be what you need because she likely knows what you need and knows how to provide that. There is also the physical issue as well. You may feel the male body just can't excite you or please you sexually, but i promise you... there is ONE male body out there that will, and (aside from Jesus) there is ONE male person who can be all you need emotonally and spiritually as well. I know the things that can go through your mind. I fell I've had to address them all myself at one point, but it is just a matter of what you do with all of it. You can choose to go with your surface feelings or you can resist them and lock into the incomparable satisfaction there is in giving them all to Christ and letting Him do what he will with them.

I am 23 and have never been in a serious relationship because I have committed to wait for "The One." And I have committed to let "The One" be a man : ) I know he's coming but it has definitely been a struggle to maintain purity of mind in ALL respects. Only the past 6 months or so have I been able to look to Jesus to satisfy all my needs. We all know He can handle our spiritual needs if we let him, but believe it or not, he has been able to satisfy my emotional needs and even physical needs by supernaturally supressing urges to act impurely. I feel closer to him than I have ever been in my 10 years of being a Christian because while I am waiting for Him to bring my husband along, he has been truely romancing me in every way and I can say now that I am totaly in love with Him and he is my BEST Friend.

I don't know if any of this helps or hurts but regardless of whether or not you agree with me, I still hold you with the same amount of love as I did before and the equal amount of respect. I mean, you're my HERO! I know we've only hung out a few times but you have always inspired me to gather the boldness you have and take it to the streets to conquer the world for Christ.

I would really love to talk more with you if you'd like. Just message me or give me a call (removed by ED). Until then, you'll be faithfully in my prayers.

In His love, Jessica

TL;DR: God Hates Fags


Nov 20 2006 5:23 PM I LOVE YOU JESSS!!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!

<3 your the greatest!

Kaliph Jamal

Kaliph Jamals MySpace(Yep, you guessed it: BALEETED!)

Nov 21 2006 1:30P

In the Name Of Jesus, people who touch this myspace page will be cursed! Touch not my anointed!!! I pray every demonic spirit come out of the person that touches this page. I speak the Blood of Jesus over there soul and they shall pay for what they did to this page! I command all angels to go right now in the spirit realm and fight for Jessica's life and soul that no more attacks will ocurr. I pray the blood of Jesus over her life and her soul,that no weapon formed against her shall prosper in the name of Jesus... I command the blessing of the Lord to fall on Jessica now in the name of Jesus. Satan you have no power and no authority to touch this young girl and I command you to leave in the name of Jesus!!!NOW NOW NOW

No demonic spirit can have access to your page and I command Satan to give your page back to you in the name of Jesus!!!!NOW ...I send angels to fight on your behalf......

Amen I speak the Blood of Jesus over this page::::

The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!! The blood of Jesus is on the page!!

The Second Bulletin

I recognize that many of my friends were shocked by my announcement yesterday and I feel that I must make another post. Yes, it is true that I'm gay.

I understand better than anyone how difficult it is to come to terms with this; I've spent my entire life agonizing over it. I appreciate that it may seem cowardly that I’ve made this announcement on MySpace but after a lot of thought I resolved that MySpace was the best means to convey my message to everyone unvaryingly.

If you nevertheless feel need for further reassurance don't hesitate to contact me but please try to respect how difficult this is. I'm sorry if I've hurt any of you with this news it was the last thing I ever wanted to do.

Love Jessica.



Nov 23 2006 9:52 PM

Are you really??? Could I come in keep yall company?


Hey Jess, What's up? I couldn't help but notice your last announcement, are you serious? I'm honestly not sure if you are kidding to see what kind of responses you get or if you are serious. Did someone hack your Myspace?Love ya girly, hope you are enjoying RBI. Harmony


Nov 24, 2006 4:47 AM

Persecution shall come to all of God's children for walking with Christ! I refuse to believe that a child of God covered by the redemptive blood of Christ would come out to admit that which is unseemly. Those who walk by faith shall be Christ-like in all of their ways and not stray from the path that has been prepared. I believe that whoever is responsible for this is childish and irresponsible. God knows and sees everything, so nothing shall go unpunished. I'm believing in this page to be restored in the name of Jesus and that the enemy cannot have that which doesn't belong to him. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!!! Lord God, have your way on this page, for you know the heart of your child, for you were the one who created her. Let the enemy be subdued in the name of Jesus, and let this rediculous tirade come to an end. For it is written in your word that where 2 or 3 are gathered together in your name, there you shall be in the midst. It is also written that when 2 people agree as touching any one thing in the name of Jesus, it shall be done. I am believing with all of my heart that you will break the shackles and annihilate the chains that have bound this page and return it unto your child. I seal it with the blood of the Lamb and decree it in His mighty and holy name. In the name that is above ALL names, JESUS CHRIST I pray, Amen!!! You are worthy Lord, you are holy Lord, your love, mercy, and grace are sufficient and they endureth forever!!! Blessed be the Father who sits upon the throne and His son who sits at His right hand. Blessed be His holy spirit that dwells within us and comforts us in time of need. THIS PAGE IS GIVEN UP TO YOU O LORD, THAT IT MAY ONCE AGAIN BE A TESTIMONY OF YOUR LIVING AND LOVING SON IN ALL OF HIS GLORY!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

  • Another person trying to prove that hitting the capslock = cruise control for jesus.

Jessica's Response To This Article

Jessica Szczech

Dec 30 2006 4:54 AM

Hey... this is Jessica, the one who's myspace you hacked, you have a major problem and you need to get a life!!! This is how to get a life... by first realizing how much God loves you, then maybe you won't mess with people anymore!!! You have no idea how much you are hurting people! -Jess

An Hero

Dec 29 2006 9:19 AM

I hope you liked your article and I know God has a great sense of humor so he must love it to. Your coming out message got the best replies I've ever seen, thank you for making me laugh.

In Gods love, Bantown.

Jessica Szczech

Dec 29 2006 10:40 PM

You're absolutely sick.... everyone of my friends know that it was all a lie (created by you). Your not accomplishing anything by what you are doing, you are only making your life more miserable than it already is... I'm guessing you have a pretty miserable life, considering that you are sitting in front of your comp. all day. You must not have any friends and if you do, I feel bad for them. I have been constantly praying for you... so hopefully one day, you'll give your heart to God and realize how much God loves you. The Bible tells us to pray for those who curse us, so thats why I am praying for you... you definitely need a lot of it! Also are you like 14 or something?? because you really need to go back to 1st grade and learn how to spel!! Also, don't use God's name in your messages and say your Christian, because you sure aren't acting like one! P.S. I pray God blesses you RICHLY :)

An Hero

Congratulations, your article will be on the front page of next week. You are officially an internet celebrity. P.S. you really need to go back to 1st grade and learn how to spel!! (sic) lol, irony.

God bless you, Bantownian.

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