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BeCandid - Speak your mind freely when we give you shill money

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BeCandid in a nutshell

Have you ever pondered to yourself "Hang on a second, I don't think either Failbook or Twatter is intrusive enough"? And do you want a platform where your comments are being harvested by a giant AI so it knows what phrases to protect people from that can later be sold to other social media sites? Then BeCandid is the app for you. Heavily promoted by all of your favourite shills YouTubers, such as:

and many many more! All of whom were approached directly by the site and offered sponsorship deals because the site's owners are feminazis and these people's audience is exactly who they want their AI to learn how to ban. Baited with a "free speech platform" angle dangling from its hook to lure in gullible trolls, MRAs, anti-SJWs, and anyone else who (unlike the site's owner) actually thinks the first amendment shouldn't be abolished, BeCandid is the perfect place for the sort of people who once opposed sites like Peeple, Hello Racist, HeartMob and Social Autopsy and helped them failed (at least those of them who didn't support SoAu because they were okay with being data mined by an Orwellian nigger if it makes Zoe Quinn mad), only to now unknowingly help turn the entire internet into HeartMob.

While the app owners are panicking and claiming they won't sell the AI's data to anyone, because it is incompatible with other social networks (something that can probably be fixed easily, especially because they demand your phone number - how anonymous), they also admit their app has no way of making money and wont divulge what their business plan is, leaving "selling our censorship bot" as the only option.

A few years ago, Silicon Valley engineer Bindu Reddy was raising money for a new startup. An investor offered to contribute — not because of what she was trying to do, but because she was a woman.

That rubbed Reddy the wrong way, and she wrote about it — then the backlash began.

Now Reddy's goal, with the new social network Candid, is to facilitate online conversations but without the trolls.

She Bindu Nuffin wrong and Candid nothing wrong either.

In Short

BeCandid is a shit deal for shit people. The owners are SJWs and their bot is being used to learn how to censor your ass.


Honest Trailer
YouTube Favicon.png Thanks Lizz Reptile!

Part 1/7

Part 2/7

Part 3/7

Part 4/7

Part 5/7

Part 6/7

Part 7/7

Even Hobbits are skeptical of the app

Oops BeCandid is now hosting pedo groups

BeCandid Is A Ripoff

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The original app

Originally there was a Blackberry app named Diaree around Archive today-ico.png September 20th 2013.

YouTube Favicon.png Diaree is not only the best diary app, but a new way to share your life story. You can create a post about what’s on your mind and attach a picture. If you choose to share the post anonymously, it will show up in the public list for anyone to see, like, comment on and even share.

By creating a social network which is completely anonymous, Diaree gives you a chance to share things and feelings which you wouldn’t on other networks, offering people a way to interact with someone else, express themselves, talk about difficult subjects or just have fun


Archive today-ico.png James Nieves for N4BB

Around Archive today-ico.png April 2014 it then changed name to Candid.

Candid (formerly known as Dairee) has been one of my favorite apps for BlackBerry 10 since beginning. Candid allows you to record your life, including your significant memories.


Archive today-ico.png SHAHRIYAR ALI for BBin

The original creator

At this moment in time it was published by a Gyubok Baik.

Candid is a completely anonymous service in that no one can identify you within the app. All of your interactions, including comments, likes, and favourites, as well as your personal diary entries, remain completely anonymous and cannot be linked back to you.


Archive today-ico.png appshopper

This sounds very familiar to what BeCandid does. Almost the exact same name. What a coincidink. Who wouldn't trust a company that ripped off the concept of another one?

Algorithm To Get Rid Of Trolls

Let’s end on a high note. While other services provide anonymous networks, they can sadly devolve into hotbeds of harassment and hate-speech. As Candid continues to refine its moderation system, we mean to provide a platform for authenticity that’s constructive in its intent. So, while there are no doubt going to be fervent debates in the community, we’ll also get simple, positive affirmations


Archive today-ico.png BeCandid Blog

The way other artificial intelligence works, is it basically parses your sentence. We use a deep learning NLP algorithm, which basically looks at what you're saying and decides ... whether it's positive or negative. So it kind of classifies things as having a negative sentiment or a positive sentiment.

It then gives it a score of how kind of strong your statement is — let's say you said something about someone or you threatened someone, it classifies that as saying, "Hey this is a very strong statement," because these kinds of categories are not good in terms of social discourse. And when we do that, we basically say if this thing has a score which is more than a particular level, a cut-off, then we basically take out the whole post. So whether it's self harm or like bullying or harassment, we look for certain phrases and the context of those phrases


Archive today-ico.png NPR Staff

Candid’s secret sauce is in its artificial intelligence moderation, which aims to weed out bad actors by analyzing the content of posts and keep hate speech and threats off the network. It also has other interesting features: For example, its algorithm tries to weed out false information by marking certain items as “rumor” or “true.” Conversations on the network — even about politics and other controversial topics — are, by and large polite. That’s a good sign and shows that the algorithm seems to be working.


Archive today-ico.png The Washington Post

After using the beta of Candid for a couple weeks, this writer was surprised at just how civil everyone was to each other. Turns out that that line of thought wasn't entirely accurate, and that Candid was working some magic on the backend to make it happen. By using AI, Candid is able to autonomously eliminate posts and replies that are filled with hate speech and derogatory comments. The AI will even move out of place topics to their appropriate sections, reducing clutter.


Archive today-ico.png VaporTV

former Google employee Bindu Reddy wants to do something to fix it. She is creating an anonymous social media platform with a zero tolerance for hate speech... By taking a different approach to social media, Reddy hopes to create a platform that is inclusive and hate-free. The goal is to foster a social environment where people can’t just yell random thoughts, but rather share information and have intelligent conversations and discussion about a certain subject with one another... Reddy said the idea came to her after sharing a controversial op-ed about hiring women just for the sake of hiring women. She received backlash from many readers, including those who are close to her. This initially made Reddy regret writing the post, but now she doesn’t let the backlash affect her. It became the motivation and inspiration behind a hate-free network...By making this new platform anonymous, this will eliminate the ego factor and allow users to post what they really think and feel about a certain topic. However, as great as this sounds, there are still concerns over internet trolls. To avoid this, Reddy has set three criteria: moderate abusive commentary; restrict all conversations to specific topic threads; and prevent people from creating a lasting anonymous persona.

By assigning a new avatar to users every time they log in and moderating through all comments made, Reddy believes this is going to be an opportunity to build social equality, something global citizens are already familiar with.


Archive today-ico.png Global Citizen

If you don’t have anything nice to say, you just can’t say it — not if you’re on Candid, at least...on Candid, you have to be nice. That’s because content is curated and moderated by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, which purports to flag or remove inappropriate content, and keep a conversation decorous...But just because others may not know who you are on Candid doesn’t mean Candid can’t keep things clean...That’s Candid’s goal — frank, honest, and anonymous discussion that exists without the risk of bullying and abuse that has become almost second nature in many corners of the internet. Ultimately, Reddy told Forbes, “Platforms have to curate. AI can help remove the noise, reduce the anonymous hatred, and encourage users to share more content.”


Archive today-ico.png Yahoo

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Hey Sachin! We use a powerful AI to automatically detect and remove abuse. It's our largest team. :-)


Spencer Janyk, Avoiding real questions and vaguely answering the softball ones

Kicking Out The Haters

By giving people the ‘hater’ badge, we hope to make haters more aware of their hate. The idea is that they’ll either leave the app, change their behavior, or could continue their ways and eventually be kicked out anyways.


Archive today-ico.png Bindu Reddy

How They Will Get Money

Moar info: BeCandid/Code.
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Archive today-ico.png Source

Yes, just like shitty image boards they will make their money by data mining their users. So much for anonymity.

Whether it is real-life celebrities like Lady Gaga, who can generate 390,000 visits to a photo on TwitPic with one tweet and the Jonas Brothers, who can generate 2 million views to a stream on Ustream, or online celebrities like iJustine who has more than 90,000 followers on DailyBooth, these start-ups have been able to capitalize on the magic of the one-way folllow.

As few as 5,000 large influencers can bring and retain millions of users with them... Before launching a new social network, they could actively enlist around 1,000 of the top online celebrities... They already have a bunch of them on YouTube. It shouldn’t be too hard with their brand, clout and the resources they can bring to bear given that they have more than $30 billion in cold hard cash.


Archive today-ico.png Bindu Reddy On TechCrunch

MyLikes, which operates primarily on Twitter, connects brands and tweeters for paid product endorsements. It is similar to and to some extent Klout.

The company takes pride in its founders, employees and funders being primarily composed of former Googlers. Like many social media businesses, MyLikes has landed on the combination of brand advertising with cost-per-click payments. Reddy calls Twitter a television replacement, and her clients include familiar TV advertisers like Coca-Cola, Universal Pictures, Axe Hair and Microsoft.


Archive today-ico.png Liz Gannes - AllThingsD


Moar info: BeCandid/CEO.

Bindu Reddy is a dot dot curry-nigger, with an incredibly thin skin. Perhaps a side-effect of shitting in the street. Bindu Laden whose app is going to save internet free speech and the internet is completely oblivious to even the most mundane of memes. Like a fullblown SJW, Punjab, constantly plays the victim. Click her butt to read more

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The Product Manager

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We don't believe in harassers, meninists, abusive bullshit, etc. They can expect to get kicked out of Candid

If you happen to look at BeCandid over at Producthunt.comArchive today-ico.png (archive) , you'll quickly see the name Spenxer Janyk aka Twitter-favicon.png Spencer Janyk, a real life cuck. He is the product manager, which we think is basically like someone paid to say good things about a product on social media and other websites, of and BeCandid. So basically he is the Dina of everything BeCandid related.

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What more do you need to know?

The urge to fear death is a little strange, especially in the absence of a focus on social justice.

Talib Kweli has been in the press a lot lately talking about #blacklivesmatter and I was excited to see him speak at a conference that, despite the best efforts of its organizers, remains mostly white.

Given the ongoing social death experienced by people of color and non-mainstream gender identity, I had hoped that more words would be spoken about social justice. Alas, much like Talib Kweli himself, the hard work speaking and thinking about social justice never really showed up.


Archive today-ico.png Spencer

Sometimes I too want to be vulnerable and sensitive to all the hatred and prejudice and fear, to let myself soak it up and cry it out, to avoid engaging with the world lest I make a misstep and pursue moral purity.

It does kill me spiritually and emotionally to (mostly) witness and (occasionally) experience injustice in all its various diabolical forms every day.

Every conversation with someone who says something subconsciously rude and aggressive that betrays their self-doubt and fear (microaggressions) feels like getting stabbed and makes me want to flee.


Archive today-ico.png Spencer

Hi Product Hunt! I'm Spencer from Candid and I'm thrilled to share what we've been working on. Can't wait to see what you all have to say, and I'm happy to answer any questions.


—Just like Dina

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Using Shill Armies To Attack Critics

The Youtubers Candid have used as their Shill army, most notably MundaneFat, The Amazing Atheist, and Armoured Skeptic have been used to attack critics on social media and on their YouTube channels. YouTubers are an extremely effective weapon against critics. Even though these YouTubers reside in the more "intellectual/skeptical" space of YouTube, their viewers are still incapable of separating their love for their favorite content creators from the opinions said creators express. So instead of actually questioning what their favorite YouTuber is saying, they decide to just go batshit insane and shill in the name of said YouTuber. Honest to God, some of these YouTubers can advocate the legalization of child pornography and still have a healthy fanbase (no seriously, this has fucking happened before).

In particular, Harmful Opinions has come under attack for daring to actually look at Candid honestly and criticize the app.

(Remember, these are the same people who were involved in GamerGate and railed against these similar sort of unethical practices)

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The Amazing Atheist's admits that Candid only rejected his slam video because it was too rude.
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Mundane Matt likens Harmful Opinions to a conspiratard
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The Armoured Skeptic tries backing away from the fact that he produced a slam video.'
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Another YouTuber contacted by Candid to promote the app admits
that he gets the impression that they are doing it for damage control
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The Amazing Atheist aggressively insults Harmful Opinions and admits
that a slam video he produced only got rejected by Candid because they didn't like the tone
Bindu Reddy, Candid's CEO agreed to go on a stream with Harmful Opinions to
address the app's critics and answer any questions they might have. However she backed
out when he refused to moderate his audience, with the excuse that they might be "mean

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What can YOU do?!

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How about, for once in your life, you don't take the obvious fucking bait?

  • Don't join the site.
  • Don't go to the site.
  • Don't try to troll people there to try to prove some sort of point because you won't hurt anyone and will only be data mined.
  • Don't give the site any attention.
  • Resist the urge to take the bait and make an account just to let everyone on there know you know it's bait and you're too smart to take it (even though you just did).
  • Just do nothing. Something you lazy failures should already be experts at.

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