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Fapping material for Beeripedia contributors.
You would probably hit it.
Beeripedia admins. Well, at least they like beer.

Beeripedia was a shitty wiki about beer. It was known for being particularly crap because unlike people who party hard and drink designer beer like Corona with lime and pay ridiculous prices in trendy bars for it, the people who ran this wiki were old men with nothing better to do than sample all the various ales that the world has. Their sysops were believed to be redneck Americunts living in the Deep South, although most of their contributors were Britfag old men who have the same feelings. I mean, does anyone really give a fuck about the Campaign for Real Ale?

About Beeripedia

Beeripedia was formed in 2006 as a response to the lack of a wiki about beer, obviously. However, the site's creators decided that it would be an awesome idea to put in an extra "i". What's with that, anyway? Boobpedia is not "Boobipedia", is it? Anyway, "Titties and Beer" is a good combination. It's a Frank Zappa song.

Beeripedia was a great and extremely exploitable place for page move vandalism, like Willy on Wheels, or more obviously, Grawp. Unlike Wikipedia, moving pages on Beeripedia did not give you an adrenaline rush to see how much you could move before getting blocked (the adrenaline rush from moving pages on Wikipedia has been scientifically proven to be greater than that of skydiving and jumping off cliffs and becoming an hero). In fact, like many lesser-known wikis, you could do a lot of damage in a short space of time. It was preferable to do this while out of your mind on drugs, so that while you felt no pain because you're barely aware of what you're doing, the sysops had one beer and are about to have another but wouldn't do so until they've cleaned up all the vandalism.

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