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When on the internets you will read a lot of things, and some argue that you must be careful what to believe. These people are fucktards; why would anyone want to lie to you? What would they have to gain? Whatever anyone says on the internet is fact and should be interpreted as so. The proof of this is that this page is on the internet, therefore it must be fact.

In some cases, two statements on the internet will appear contradict to each other. For example:

This can easily be explained by the fact that Jews and Arabs are the same people but separated over what colour hats should be worn by the people who served at the Temple of Food in the promised land of Fuchal.

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  • "A religious conflict concerning the colour (red or blue) of the hats that the people who served at the Temple of Food were to wear led to a Holy War between the two factions that lasted thousands of years (according to God, the hats were actually supposed to be green)" from the Wikipedia article on Semitic cultures [1]
  • Provided spellchecking resources for this article [2]

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