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What exactly are those things on his head?

Belome, the corpulent father of Pikachu is a fat, yellow creature with four malignant head tumors from Super Mario RPG, an extremely over-rated SNES game featuring memorable characters such as a gay puff of cloud and a possessed doll. He appeared on /b/ offering to consume failed memes; similar to the Milhouse controversy, he is under scrutiny after he became styled "greatest meme" on account of a lucky fag who rolled his way into the record books.

The "Meme-Eater", The Get

History was made on August 5th, 2009, when a lonely SMRPG fag posted a thread stating, "Beholden, for I am become Belome, eater of memes. Feed me a meme, and I shall return a more powerful meme than the interwebz could ever imagine." Aside from an eager anon offering to feed the creature failures, OP was trolled until one lucky anon changed the course of the webz as we know it.

Mere seconds before the get was rolled...

Suddenly, the poster made a daring gamble, one which could have backfired and ended his life: a double-or-nothing bid to secure Belome an undying spot in /b/ memedom. On-lookers laughed until the poster made his inconceivable get, which instated Belome as the "greatest meme". This was highly-questioned, and was under intense investigation when samefag then rolled to rename /b/ after Belome...and got what he wanted.

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