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Beltboy was a rather nasty fake troll who made his first appearance as a candidate for President of LiveJournal in August of 2004.

After his spectacular failure as a presidential candidate, Beltboy showed up forlorn, lonely and homeless upon RAC's doorstep. Kamuela the benign and merciful took him in and he has since been RAC's pet troll.

Beltboy promptly demanded that he be made a mod. Kamuela produced a "moderators test" which he just as promptly failed. For the record, Beltboy to this day maintains that the fix was in.

Ever whimsical, Beltboy makes periodic appearances during which he giggles maniacally as he deletes members comments and freezes threads. Also, Beltboy was once very nearly turned gay when flashed by fellow RAC member throwingstardna's "Fuck War Let's Bang" icon and required extensive therapy.

Beltboy's hobbies include spending time in his community dedicated to obsessing over Poloemily, blowing George W. Bush, watching lesbian porn, playing with the LJ admin console, declaring your opinion invalid, being your intellectual superior, banning leftards, whores & bitches, rohypnol, and being a presidential cockwarmer.

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