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Ben Garrison is a libertarian and pro-constitution cartoonist that makes unfunny editorial cartoons on the internet. In the eyes of /pol/ his cartoons are subtlety aimed at exposing the "real" banking elite, and are prime to be decoded to make the message more accessible. Ben did not originally respond favorably to this, which only encouraged /pol/ trolls more.

/pol/ drama

Before pol nazis after pol nazis ben garrison grrrgraphics.png

Sometime in 2011, Nazis from's /n/ board started modifying cartoons by an anti-federal-reserve and Ron Paul-supporting cartoonist named Ben Garrison by placing stereotypical Jew caricatures from Wyatt Mann drawings into his. These modified cartoons started circulating the *chans (becoming a staple of 4chan's /pol/ along with Wyatt Mann's originals) and eventually found their way onto the rest of the interwebs.

Ben Garrison found out, of course, and reacted by devoting most of his blog's 2011 posts trying to explain the phenomenon.

Of course, by this time, both Nazis and trolls from both and 4chan's /pol/ board had caught wind of his reaction and, realizing that he may or may not be a lolcow started putting his signature on lots of other offensive shit, ranging from racist cartoons by other artists to pissing lolicon.

Better+version+ 0b0096d41dbcd2f0dac8ee66a2b73587.png

Sample Edits


  • Ben “Givin’ the boot to m00t” Garrison
  • Ben “Puttin’ the FED to bed” Garrison
  • Ben “No love for big guv” Garrison
  • Ben “CEO of Troll just got rolled” Garrison
  • Ben “Rolling These Hot Wheels to Peace and Prosperity” Garrison
  • Ben “Freeze Peach not Hot Pockets” Garrison
  • Ben “Spank The Banks” Garrison
  • Ben “Going Shredder On The Fed” Garrison
  • Ben "No Taxation Without Illustration" Garrison
  • Ben "Pen Against the G-men" Garrison
  • Ben "Illustration Against Globalism" Garrison
  • Ben "Inkpot Ben" Garrison

possible EDiot?

Shortly after the subsection that this article evolved from was added to the Wyatt Mann article, Ben changed the disclaimer on his site from blaming "Neo-nazis and racists" for the edits to "trolls" and "anonymous chuckleheads." In addition, his cartoon "The Troll-in-Chief" makes correct use of the term "LULZ," something which suggests that Benny-boy understands the principles of lulz, but couldn't take the heat without reacting badly.

Q&A on 8chan /pol/


In mid-2015 Ben was mentioned on FOX news, and a thread was started on 8chan /pol/ in which Ben himself posted, (confirmed!!) before doing a Q&A and posting about it on his blog. He admitted to being b& by moot from 4chan as well,) tho likely because 4chan disallows blogspot domains being posted.

Ben Garrison learns the truth

Ben garrison jew.jpg

After crying for years that "hateful Nazis" edit his comics into antisemitic libel, Garrison finds the guy responsible for it - only to realize it was the Jewish internet troll Joshua Goldberg who got arrested in September 2015 for posing as an Australian Jihadist. It remains to be seen if Garrison finally lives up to the white supremacist persona created for him by /pol/ after this incident. Also, it should be noted that Goldberg himself admitted that he was the one behind the edits as early as 2012, a fact so ironic Garrison never wanted to believe it.

After Donald Trump announced he was running for presidency, Garrison's cartoons switched to endless cartoons praising Trump with a few scattered ones mocking Obama and Trump's opponents. Some of his cartoons like this do everything except naming The Jew, instead saying Communist.

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  • Zyklon Ben - The more truthful version of this article

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