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A typical of box Benadryl
Bitches don't know about my Benadryl

Benadryl is an over-the-counter drug containing the anticholinergic antihistamine Diphenhydramine (DPH) available at your local Walgreens (other meds with DPH include Simply Sleep, Unisom and various allergy medications). Taking between 15 and 25 pills can result in dreaming while awake and some fairly legit ball-trippage (seeing spiders and shadowpeople everywhere and talking to friends that aren't really there). But if you don't take enough you'll probably just like... want to go to sleep, man. For about 18 hours. Either before or after throwing up a powerful jet of neon green vomit. People who take DPH are usually 16-year-old girls and/or boring losers who listen to too much Neutral Milk Hotel and read shit like Hegel.

PROTIP: If you drop something while high on Benadryl, don't worry about searching the floor for it, you were never holding anything to begin with

PROTIP: Taking Benadryl with acetaminophen (THAT'S TYLENOL PM, RETARD) will divide your liver by zero. Don't listen to us though; we're stupid as fuck and don't know the first thing about drugs.

LIMPTIP: Or you could just get the off brand shit at Wal-Mart thats just pure DPH. Taking over 700 mg's (AKA joining the 700 Club) will put you in a constant never ending state of WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!? as in melting walls, buzzing trees, garbage cans doing slow motion flips, and all the usual schizophrenic shit. And smoke lots of weed with it, otherwise you won't feel high and you'll think the trips are real and you'll run outside naked with a knife and have the cops called on you.



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Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate) is roughly the same thing as DPH. After Modest Mouse released the song titled "Dramamine", 13-year-old boys started to try and get high off of it. People post on trip forums online saying that it made them see shadow people, televisions turned on when they were off and their dead mother bitching about being up too late. If you don't have a psychotic breakdown, however, vomiting will be the highlight of your trip; as for afterward, you will feel so sick and tired you will probably pass out. Sadly, the body turns 50 grams of Dramamine into only 25 grams of DPH, making it twice as hard to get high. Also note that roughly three quarters (or moar) reports on dramamine trips end up with the author in hospital and a BIG fucken hospital bill that you'll be paying off for most of your shitty life.

PROTIP: Taking 4 bottles (48 pills) is the best way to trip, at least until just before your brain does a runner, and you fucking hope to god your loved ones find you before you die from kidney failure or heart attack, then you'll be rushed to hospital and straight into the emergency room, where nurses named Steve will force a catheter up your pisshole and force you to drink charcoal fluid, then hours/days later, when you finally come down from your psychotic trip you will spend several days in a mental hospital for your attempted suicide and months of psychiatric therapy and rehab, then your pissed off parents will drag you home, beat you savagely and sell you to a turkish brothel to pay for the 80,000 dollar hospital bill you've just caused them because you didn't bother to fucking research this drug on erowid. Have fun tripping!



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