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Benjamin Taheny also known on the Daily Stormer forums as Zyklon_B, is a 35 year old autistic Nazi who still lives with daddy and likes to sperg out, spastically, online under his real name (so Antifa can dox him). Fact.

A repulsive resident of Brisbane, Australia, Benjamin Taheny started his full-autistic cyber career as a Nazi shitposter some time in early 2017. Amazingly, defying all odds and naysayers, Benjamin has been quite successful, earning himself the reputation of resident retard shitposter on the Daily Stormer forums. What a legend!

Despite being autistic, ugly, having a giraffe neck, being incompetent, repulsive, and astoundingly stupid, Benjamin is a fully devoted National Socialist and believes he's part of the superior master-race. Clearly Benjamin is, even though he really, really doesn't look like he is. Ask him why he presents as a disheveled, handicapped pauper of the avoid-at-all-costs variety and he'll break down to you, in expert fashion, that it's because of the kikes and not because he's a greasy, McDonald's Powered Basement Dweller© who severely lucked out in the genetics department. It's not his fault though.

Yung Benji's interests include:

  • Studying bras and bra sizes. (Seriously?For his man-boobs or something?)
  • Posting racist word-salads under his real name.
  • Basking in the glow of his alpha male master-race status.
  • Getting destroyed on forums by his superiors.
  • Jerking off to erotic comic book characters.
  • Being a loser.
  • Living with daddy at the tender age of 35.
  • Being a virgin.
  • "Terraforming"
  • Getting rejected by Stormer bookclubs for being a repulsive liability.

And the list stops there because any more and readers would start getting sick. Honestly, sometimes you gotta wonder how such people even exist. Still, the guy has got one thing going for him: he's not Chris Chan... yet.