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Bethesda Softworks
Founded 1986
Key people Todd Howard

Bethesda Softworks (sometimes called Bugthesda Shitworks) is an American video game publisher and developer, best known for creating The Elder Scrolls series. The company is notoriously famous for releasing rushed unfinished games, filled with countless bugs and glitches, that nevertheless achieve commercial success because herds of misinformed and indifferent sheep purchase their overhyped products. This malicious marketing ploy is done by using even more false promises like future delayed updates that don't fix anything and new downloadable content with the same, if not even worst, level of quality.

Todd Howard, is the executive producer and game director that works for Bethesda, an evil pathological liar, that transformed the mere bad habit of lying into an art. All his deceit was eventually repaid over the years under the form of countless awards and prestigious titles, because the world is funny in that way.

Bethesda are also extremely lazy, most of the objects and items throughout their games are re-textured then recycled into some shitty DLC. They take ages to fix bugs due to them wiping their lazy fat ass with all the precious money that they get from pathetic basement dwelling nerdy pieces of shits.

Sony fanboys rarely get the chance to play Bethesda's Elder Scrolls DLC due to the PS3 choking on its own diarrhea and crashing like the worthless piece of junk it is. And to REALLY make the lifeless fanboys rip their tiny pubic hairs out is the fact that Bethesda is too lazy to fix the bugs on the PS3.

Games made by Bethesda

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