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Beyond The Lampshade is forum started by bitter ex-tropers who liked TV Tropes but hated how it became a festering hive of sick fucks and pedophilia, so they set up an entire forum to bitch and moan about it.

Beyond The Lampshade has gone through three incarnations since its founding, each run by a different site administrator. It's third and current incarnation is run by some azn who calls herself Autumncomet, and in contrast to some of the shitheads on this circlejerk of tropefag hatred, is actually of the saner people in this small but festering cesspool of ex-troper butthurt.

In it's earlier incarnations, it even included current TV Tropes tropers and moderators Meeble and Morven in its ranks, but so far neither have shown up on the current version of BTL, probably because it's a known fact to BTL that a few of the TV Tropes moderators look there every so often for any sign someone is betraying their Great Leader's troper's paradise so he can ban them for daring to question his stupidity and general asshattery.

It even included Jack Butler, the faggot who tried to start his own troping website (currently deader than a necrophile's choice of lover), who eventually left the third version of BTL when his fucked up gender politics weren't accepted, so he went crying from BTL 3.0 like a bitch, only showing up later to whore off his shit rip-off of TV Tropes to the lowest bidder.

Currently, these butthurt faggots (who call themselves "BeeTLes") continue to smugly assert they are so much better than TV Tropes even though some of them are still members of the very shithole they despise, and their forum is very friendly with Something Awful, and they pride themselves on sucking Lowtax's dick as if he were some sort of God who made a community they don't mind mocking the fuck out of every so often.

TL;DR - It's a free version of SA, except smaller but just as mockable and pathetic.

Thing they like to do on this forum

  1. Circlejerk and tell each other their community is so much better than TV Tropes.
  2. Suck the dick of Something Awful when they aren't busy doing the same to each other.
  3. Post random bullshit (they even have a thread set up for this exact purpose)
  4. Openly discuss ways to troll people they fucking hate.
  5. ?????
  6. PROFIT!

Notable Faggots

Jack Butler

Tried at one point to turn the forum into his personal army for his shitty rip-off of TV Tropes, former member of the previous two versions of BTL, got butthurt when some thread about his views on women's roles in gender politics weren't taken seriously, left for awhile, showed up long enough awhile later to throw his "The Trope Wiki" to the wolves, and is currently fucking around in parts unknown.


Pathetic shitbag who is treated as the punching bag of an even bigger fellow shitbag named "Martello". Once posted some fucked up positive opinions about incest that got everyone to tell him what a sick fuck he was. Was a moderator at one point, but got removed from the position later when Martello posted a private message JHM sent him wishing pain and misery on him for being a fucking shithead, also admitting he was going through a metric fuckton of personal problems at the time. Was and still is a member of TV Tropes, where he took part in helping the Goons of Something Awful get several tropers banned during "The Second Google Incident" for being sick fucks, which is ironic considering he thought incest wasn't so bad.

Werewolf Militia

(also known as Wrong Guts) - Another longtime member of the BTLers who also took part in trolling TV Tropes for shits and giggles and getting several tropers banned, now spends his time sucking off Martello's dick and telling everyone else on the forums to go fuck themselves and gets away with it because he's a moderator.


Some faggot who even most of the other BTLers think is a total fucking dickhead, but he manages to get away with it because he's butt buddies with Wrong Guts and kisses Autumncomet's ass constantly. Loves to suck the dick of Something Awful (also a member there under the same name). Was once a troper, even got himself a position of power as one of the "P5 committee" they set up after the "Second Google Incident" to eliminate porn and pedoshit, immediately made everyone there hate him because he broke every rule on not being a dick and started telling the whining perverts at TV Tropes they were sick fucks and kept cutting anything that was animu related, not even bothering to fucking look at some of the shit he demanded die not long before he rage quit like a pussy and went over to Something Awful. He was also friends with a Goon called Triple Elation who was kicked out for being a saboteur by the mods (see below). Not long after he left, most of the other P5 member's reversed most of Martello's cut decisions and his troper page was vandalized (see here) by some tropers. Now, in between his stints in the field he shows up on BTL every so often to suck SA's cock and continue to be the resident forum asshole. He also hates the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell", has an obsession with penises, and posts a fuckton of personal information about himself wherever he goes on teh interwebs and doesn't afraid of anything.

Triple Elation

Some Israeli former troper who also got a position of power on TV Tropes as a P5 member, was later banned for being a "SA Traitor", also got some tropers banned along with the other BTLers mentioned above.


Another Israeli who posted about some whiny faggot on some Civilization forums whose opinions he didn't like, then later shit himself and begged Autumncomet to delete fucking everything posted about the faggot in case the faggot ever found people bitching about it. Autumncomet's response was to facepalm and told him to STFU and quit fagging up her forum with his whining.


A living, breathing collection of every macho military meat head cliche that you can imagine and the kind of person who would probably claim that the victims of the Kent State Massacre got what they deserved, he played both sides (like a true Americunt) by simultaneously posting his jingoistic right-wing cock-waving on both Beyond the Lampshade and TV Tropes. Prone to fascist rhetoric, and easily goaded into ranting about how much foreigners, brown people, fags, and trannies suck, at one point outright admitting that the latter two induce thoughts of violent rage in him.

Some Fun Threads to Read

  • BeeTles in Other Places - Basically where these fucking idiots post information that allows themselves to be doxed and located across the internet.

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