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He jacks off so much to these pictures that all that happens is smoke comes out of his shriveled dick.

Bieberisafag is Twitter's most famous Justin Bieber hater of all time. He has made shitloads of unfunny tweets about Bieber, and has recently made trending topics such as #JustinBieberSucks, #BieberHasNoBalls and #BieberRuinedTwitter .

Bieber fans (a.k.a. "Beliebers") have reported this user to the FBI, and have endlessly made Twitter Petitions to delete his account. This just proves how ridiculously easy it is to troll children.

One thing to mention is that this Bieberisafag loser and his socks wrote this article himself originally, sucking himself off at every opportunity, helping him further his idea that people care what he thinks. He will undoubtedly continue this charade years from now despite that the rest of the world will forget his YouTube flavor of the week in favor of a video of someone painfully holding a ferret two inches from a camera while someone else off camera makes a retarded voice, suggesting that the ferret can talk. This will generate over 25 million views. OMG SO FUNNYYYYYY.

Bieberisafag and his awesome tweets and other comments

There are crack babies and then there are helium babies. Justin Bieber is a helium baby.


Chuck Norris once fucked a girl so hard her vagina came off, that vagina is now known as Justin Bieber.


Save a tree, kill a Beaver.


One day I will achieve my life long goal of sucking off Justin Bieber. And then he can suck me off and then we can suck each other off at the same time and then he can fuck my ass and then i will fuck his and oh godddddddddddd


Fuck the assholes screwing with MY article!


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