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More than likely A troll account. Atleast he/she/whatever the fuck it is brought something New to the table, despite is clearly being autistic as fuck. Then again, those big ass knees look an awful lot like tits. Knee Job anyone?

Fandoms And Other Bullshit

Hetalia [1] Some brown chick off of the show.

My Little Pony [2] Pinkie-cunt

Homestuck [3] Spider Bitch

Vocaloid [4] Miku Hatsune

Yep, You guessed it, HES A FUCKING Furry [5] What a kawaii Cat-gurl!


Some believe he looks like this.

Several Ladies and Gentlemen think they are trolling hilariously bashing this guy constantly in typical DeviantART fashion. However, further indicating this may be a troll account, BigKneeLover hilariously never acknowledges any negitivity, and in doing so, gives way to the raging flamewars in the comment section of his byootiful art.

BigKneeLover got his famous debut on 4chan as well. They seem to enjoy it!

His haters lol

He even seems to have a whopping gang of dickriders who valiantly defend him and his honor.

Most posts of his can be seen with either his six or seven adoring fans, or the occasional 13 year old trying to be edgy.

Case in point, some stupid kid trying to be a troll, whist ultimately just getting ignored: He didn't even get dignified with a deleted comment
Joke's on you, he knows how the bitches like their knees stroked.


Absolutely none, other than, minor lulz, and possibly making history for being the first deviant to not be a whiny lolcow and instead expose them.

I vote this as the next fetish.

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