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"You are correct it would not be a good idea to be in my bad books"- Big Al  
Big Al poses in front of his house
"De Master Yoda" at
Bigal's Christmas avatar

"Bigal" (aka Big Al or BiGal) is the pseudonym of a 65 year old man who lives in Brisbane, Ausfailia. He was born in Yorkshire, England, and emigrated to Australia under shady circumstances. He owned and operated a gambling den in Sydney from 1970 under the name "Western Suburbs Bingo Centre". He prides himself on being the admin "De Master Yoda" at the scambaiting site His claim to infamy comes from having been banned from a forum devoted to the discussion of scam baiting back in 2006, and pathetically trying to make a large noise on the internet about it since then. Like the ancient mariner, he engages anyone he meets online and relates his tale of woe, even when the audience makes active efforts to get away. He accuses random people on the internet of being responsible for his banning. He says he will expose the evil eater moderators for their evil ways of stealing, paedophilia or worse, and has been on the verge of sending everyone to jail for the past ten years. He is the Grace Saunders of the scambaiting world. His latest crusade is to remove his photo from the internet, because it was stolen from his computer, and this page, because it is defaming him. He hasn't succeeded in either yet.

Big Al's claim to fame, described by an admin at a site he was banned from
Big Al is banned at, the very first scam baiting site that he joined.

Scambaiting is the art of scamming 419 scammers out of their sanity by pretending to be a gullible victim, while tricking them into posing for silly pictures and travelling halfway around the world searching for imaginary money.

There are many communities dedicated to practitioners of this art, that tends to attract some very colourful individuals. On the one hand you have the usual batch of basement dwellers, internet humanitarians, trolls and faggots. On the other hand, you also get some people with hugely inflated egos and the occasional genuinely mentally disturbed tinfoil-hat wearing nutcase.

Bigal gets his name

Back in England, the tiny tots he was consorting with looked at the huge thing he pulled out of his pants and called him "Big Al". Even after he was deported downunder, he has stuck to this psuedonym with great pride.

Bigal joins

On 2005 August 06 Big Al joined the scam baiting forum He was full of joy at becoming a member of this community that was actively making a difference to dumb people's lives by preventing them from being scammed out of their hard-earned money.

Hi I am new to this forum but i am very impressed by what i have seen, over the last few months i have been baiting several scammers by myself and it is with great joy that i now have access to others who have done it better than i have so thanks for a great forum, Big al


— Big Al's first post

By November he was hinting of dissatisfaction with the site, having come to realize that nobody at that discussion forum was recognizing his uniquely wonderful talents.

1,000 busted! awsome work by the "phonebusters" you folk are great, well done indeed Big Al


—Big Al's last post on 2006 March 04

A few days later, Big Al was banned. They must truly have ripped him a new asshole, the way he has been butthurt over it ever since.

Big Al drops dox

He scours the web for the real life details of those mods and admins and then posts them on the web. He gets names, addresses and phone numbers. He would copy pictures off a facebook account. He then supplies these details to various unsavory characters he meets online with instructions to make their life miserable.

Big Al has given my personal info (Full name and address) to at least 1 convicted criminal here in the USA in hopes he would harass me into compliance


—Admin of a board that banned him

He uses those details to open accounts on kiddy porn sites and post ads offering illegal content:

As you have admitted to having mental issues, you sometimes make silly mistakes . and this is why one of my contacts found your email and phone number below on a well known Kiddy pron site. Where you were advertising an underage girl and boy for sale. stupidly using your work email as a contact.


—Big Al

An admin at 419eater describes Big Al:


This is from the discussion on the arstechnica forum.

Big Al is an e-expert

Big Al emphatically denies that it is his name and address under that avatar of an admin at the scam baiting discussion forum
Big Al also denies that he is this user #21005 at whirlpool forums in Australia.
Big Al is banned from
Big Al is banned from internet love scams
Big Al is banned from Fraudwatchers
Big Al comments on his wikimapia entry

In the short while that Big Al had posting privileges at eater forum, he demonstrated his total lack of knowledge, comprehension and tact. He was ready to jump in and offer advice on subjects he knew absolutely nothing about.

Someone was complaining about an old computer which hung half way when booted from a Linux install disk. This was due to an error related to missing or unrecognized USB devices, but the problem did not involve the hard disk in any way.

Hi S P i beleive that the old win 95 did not have usb support on it the later edition did can you get a newer version or win 98 disk? then just f disk and format with the new disk and you should load the usb drivers then you can put on other programs , I am not an expert so if any one corrects me that is fine but this should work Big Al


—Big Al

He was advised to use a light distribution which had less requirements on hardware resources, but Big Al has to butt in again:

if you put (format c:/s) in it should pick up the usb driver the S enables it to save drivers Big Al


—Big Al

The advice sought was about booting the computer with a Linux install disk, and Bigal was bleating on about formatting the hard disk with drivers for Windoze.

Love affair with Lotta

While he was at, he fell head over heels in love with an admin there called "Lotta", ostensibly a female. Their love blossomed with exchange of emails and private messages in the 419eater forum.

To celebrate the long fake love they had together, lotta still carries the name and address of Big Al in her profile, but Big Al has totally pwned her there since it is the name and address of a totally innocent man. The innocent man is also screwed because lotta is really not a dame, but he does not know it yet.

Somebody made an entry at wikimapia pointing to this address in Brisbane, Australia. Big Al joined up to delete the description that said "The foul mouthed creature who calls himself Big Al lives here".

He went further. He said that "the poster is lying" - but you could not see what exactly the lie was, since he had already removed the description he was complaining about.

Big Al pretends to be a woman - "Hoaxie"

Big Al is banned from 419eater again under the female pseudonym Hoaxie

Soon after Big Al was banned from (on 2006 March 10) he thought of a really good way to get back - pretend to be female! Yeah, that would really work, and he would get the sympathy due to a woman.

Sadly, user "Hoaxie" was also banned.

He crawled back using other names and proxies several times - more times than anybody cares to count, and was found out and kicked out each time - sometimes even before making a single post. He is sensitive about this sequence of events, and when somebody says "someone" was banned many times without mentioning any names he takes it as a personal insult. As at a discussion board, here:


The Clacton Meet

Maybe it would be an idea for the admins to deal with the genuine crooks instead of persecuting and banning members who have only ever worked hard to assist and build up the alliance sites! but have the failing of wanting to stand up to them when falsely accused! However since the clacton meet we have seen the hassling of members who have leo connections or who would stand up to these sorts of things! Exactly the same as on eater! WHY??


— Big Al

Bunch of eater admins and moderators at Clacton, brandishing their 419eater branded keychains and wallets

The banhammer fell simultaneously on bigal at all Alliance forums (Scambaits, Fraudwatchers, InternetLoveScams) immediately after this get-together. Big Al still talks about the dark and dire conspiracy that was hatched at the Clacton meet in order to cast him outside, where there was darkness, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

He does not know anything about what transpired at this meeting since he was not there, but this doesn't stop him from obsessing over it. His fucknuttery was well established prior to Clacton, and the sense of good will and pity everyone felt for Al had eroded, and his banning was in the works for some time. But Bigal had his own interpretation of the events. Here he accuses the alliance admins of making secret deals with the owner of 419eater at Clacton and throwing him out:

Following the decisions taken at the Clacton meet, and the secret discussions that took place between the Three and Twinkieman! it is now clear why the members who can think for themselves and are willing to stand up to them as well as the leo members, are being falsely accused and eased out!


—Big Al

His blog was hacked

The full text of the blog

He put up a blog, roninclean.

All members of the scam baiting communites are welcome to comment freely, without fear of their comments being deleted for speaking the truth!


— A. J. Ronin

In the height of irony, right below this first post, two comments had been deleted by the admin.

The fun did not last. Someone acquired the password by pretending to a female head over heels in love with him, and changed the contents to what we see there now.

He whined about it (as starfighter) in a google support group: google help - the email he used to post to that group was compromised, too, and he had to sign up another account to post to it as starfighter2.

That is to send an email to the addy shown on this email as this is not in the possession of the hacker and I will confirm by return email that this is my email.


—Bigal, asking gmail to confirm his identity by a foolproof method

Here is his whinging at gmail as archived by google:

My account hacked , I am positive! Starfighter 04/09/07

I too have lost my blog and email to a hacker ! I have reported it several times but no response!! the hacker is currently using my blog and is posting defamatory things on it ! and causing trouble ! the blog is - I have had to re-register to be able to join here as my email has also been hacked!! can a Gmail person help??

Re: My account hacked , I am positive! starfighter2 4/9/07

As I have posted before, my account has been hacked!! The second email I set up has also been hacked ! so I have had to set up a third to be able to post here ! This is getting beyond a joke, as the hacker is posting things on my blog that I cannot access, and seems to be still hacking any Gmail account I set up ! I can be contacted on [email protected] as I seem to be unable to access any Gmail account I set up! My many reports to Gmail have all gone unheeded as far as I know not one reply! Can someone from Gmail help me please??

More Hacking on my Gmail accounts starfighter2 4/10/07

Hi I have been contacted by gmail, who say they will look into it! many thanks for this! however there is something very weird going on ? The hacker has said and posted a reply supposedly FROM Gmail that has been sent to the hacker on the blog!! I can read my blog but cannot sign in as he has changed the password!! This matter may need to be investigated! as he is making a mockery of the good name of Gmail. and has deprived me of my blog! as well as posting insulting and derogatory comments! Thank you Alan.

Re: More Hacking on my Gmail accounts starfighter2 4/13/07

This has been sent to me , regarrding my hacked blog, from the "support team " --Hello, The information you are providing is not sufficient for us to investigate this matter. The reason we request your telephone number is so that we can contact you personally and discuss the situation. The reason we request your home address is because in the event your blog has actually been hacked, we do require a police report to be taken. This information is kept confidential and will not be given to anyone with the exception of police investigators and previous to us giving that information to the police investigators we would ask for your permission.

At this time, the current owner of the blog is fully cooperating with our investigation and has provided all the information we have asked for. If you do not wish to cooperate with us we cannot help you.

The verification code in itself is not enough to prove your claims. We require as much of the following information as possible.

Please provide us with the following details:

   * Your previous email that you registered with, as well as your current one.
   * Your username, if you know it.
   * The first and last names you registered on your account.
   * Your blog's URL.
   * Your home address and phone number.
   * Your date of birth.
   * The date you created your blog.
   * The password you used.
   * Your secondary email address (if you have one).
   * The security question and answer you used.

In addition, we note that you are complaining that further Gmail accounts you created have been hacked. For each account that was hacked, please provide us with:

   * The username you used when you created the Gmail account.
   * T he date you created your account.
   * The first and last names you registered on your account.
   * The password you used.
   * Your secondary email address (if you have one).
   * The security question and answer you used.

If you cannot provide this information we cannot assist you. If you are unwilling to give us your telephone number and address, we will be unable to assist you.

Best regards, The Blogger Team

As my account has been hacked I find this very strange of Gmail to request my personal details?? This could put me in danger if the hacker has access to my pc ?? and he is a criminal as he has performed an illegal act by hacking my account!!

Is this the normal way that Gmail operates?? after repeatedly assuring us that they take personal security very seriously?? I now have doubts that it is Gmail who is answering me, and it could be the hacker Alan

hacked account starfighter2 4/15/07

@ Mishkaop, thank you for your message , it was good of you to reply! As you can see things have gone as I feared they would and I now feel as though we are in danger !

One of the things that I cannot understand is what is the "verification code" for ?? if not to verify? I firmly believe that I have co-operated with the team and supplied them with more than enough evidence that my blog and email have been hacked !

I have even supplied them with a copy of the email from them with the verification code and the link to click to set up my account!! albeit today as I only just found it! I know that the team has a lot to do and can get very busy, but a personal privacy and safety issue would I think deserve to be resolved after supplying all this evidence ! thanks again for your message ! Alan

Re: More Hacking on my Gmail accounts starfighter2 4/15/07

Hi, i have reported that my account has been hacked!! I have sent the verification code, user name, password, previous password, date of set up, date the account was hacked, secondary email addy, evidence of the person who has hacked the account and , I have also just sent then a copy of the reply from Gmail showing the verification code and the sign up details, What more can I send to show that I am the legal owner of this blog??? What is the verification code for if not to verify ?? Due to security issues I have reluctantly sent a mobile phone number, plus a whole lot of other information !! to the team.

The Hacker has still got possession of my account and is sending me threatening emails from my own hacked account!! As I have explained to the Gmail team, I have concerns for the safety of my family, so I will not send them my home address, This has been borne out by the fact that the hacker has now posted what he thought was a real life picture of me on the blog!! plus he is posting as much rubbish about me as he can ! If the team at Gmail want me to go to my local police station with a signed statement them that is ok , As this is now getting past a joke and is threatening the safety of my family I request that the Gmail team check back on their records and they will be able to verify that I am the legal owner of the account and blog!

I would think that my Ip would show this?? and as Gmail has the records they can easily check back and find out this is true!! up until the 4th of this month all the posts were by me, but after none were, surely this can be checked out?? The team has said that the hacker when contacted has denied my claim !! Do you seriously expect him to deny it??? As just about all the posts after the 4th are derogatory or defaming myself , would I do this?? to myself? Also I believe that it can be checked that some of the posts by me have been deleted and others altered or edited , and yet more new ones posted that only paint me in a bad light !! come on!!

I have asked if the hacker has produced the verification code but got no response

Can a Gmail person check this all out and get back to me ?? thank you Alan !

A simple request to prove the ownership starfighter2 4/17/07

Hi, I have sent you some new evidence to show that I am the legal and legitimate owner of the blog and account , I am sure that you would also like the right thing to be done so I am asking that you re open the investigation based on this new evidence,

I have forwarded to you the activation email that you sent to me as the legal owner of the blog when I first registered it! To show that the blog is mine with 100% certainty I would request that you do a very simple thing,

That is to send an email to the addy shown on this email as this is not in the possession of the hacker and I will confirm by return email that this is my email.

This is a very simple request asking you to send just one email to get to the truth of who is the legitimate owner of this blog! As this forum is set up to help your clients I am asking for your help in this matter and I am sure that this method will prove without any doubt at all who is the rightful owner!

I believe that the person (me) who registered the account and received the activation email must be the person who registered the account in the first place, is this so?? Thank you for your help so far and I would appreciate you doing this simple thing to finalize and get to the truth behind this matter. Alan James

Much later, somebody started a new blog cashbaiting-darkarts-volksanctum with his old posts. He whined to google and, as the first post was not answered, he whined again. He used the username Zylon this time.

Big Al joins theRanter

Bigal posts as "striker" on theranter with usernames of moderators of
Bigal whines when called out on editing the post of another user
Big Al explains that the picture on the blog is not really his.
Bigal complains about somebody using his picture as avatar
Bigal whines again as his earlier complaint was ignored
Yes or No - That is the question
"Yes or No" - That is the answer, too.

After Big Al was banned from, he tried joining various other web forums set up to discuss scam baiting, and was banned from every one of them. He insisted that everyone drop the business in hand and discuss the grievous wrong the cretins! at eater had done by banning him. They found it easier to emulate eater's example, and ban him too.

theRanter discussion forum was set up by members of 419eater as a venue where they could discuss anything. It later became one frequented by the members who had been banned from 419eater. The attraction of this board was that it then had a no-ban policy.

Hey not my blog!! First Ben and then me?? how many others are Bi Gal??? get fucked! I just thought it would be interesting for the eater wannabee's! Shit, he would probably want to post his blog on here if that happened!!


—Bigal, posting as "Striker"

Big Al, well aware of his reputation of having been banned from all the forums he had joined so far, was wary of letting his identity become known. He joined up as "Striker" and posted bland comments to be accepted there. He posted links to the "Roninclean Blog", and emphatically denied that he was the author. Then, feeling courageous, he joined again as "Big Al" about one and a half months later.

Also if you are checking you will no doubt notice that bigal has never swore or used foul language on any forum!



Even at the ranter, who were at odds with eater, Big Al's efforts did not meet up with the appreciation he had hoped for. He would post fragments of old posts, entire private messages and chat logs (some of them made up) without any explanation of context, and get angry and go ballistic whenever somebody asked him for enlightenment. He constantly referred to himself as the wronged party, and was always on the verge of making some momentous revelation that would be a bombshell, second in magnitude only to Gabriel a-blawin' 'is hawn.

It was here, at theRanter, that he announced that his computers had been hacked and keylogged, his passwords all stolen, and his blog hijacked. A few people there got together, played a trick on him and made him divulge his password: "419eater". He was using this same password on all his accounts. They made him believe they had full access to his computer and had installed a keylogger in it. He believes in this story to this day, and relates it as the way his photo was made known, and according to him putting his life in danger.

One of them took over the Roninclean blog and made the single post that survives to this day.

Big Al first explained that the profile picture on the blog was not really his. Then, when somebody appropriated it as his avatar he complained weakly that somebody was using somebody's photo against the rules. Then, he pulled out all stops and whined loudly that his own picture was on display, removing any doubt anyone might have had about it.

Later, on another forum, he used a picture of a member he had found on facebook as his avatar. He was asked whether he had the permission of that member to use the picture, and his answer was evasive. However, he was quite emphatic that it was a very simple question, easy to answer:

It is quite easy YES or NO ?? One answer has a total of three letters and the other has two? Surely it cannot be that hard to answer??


—Big Al

Yes or No. Happy now?


—Big Al

He was given a sub-forum at the ranter to post his rants in, and made a moderator of that forum. The regulars there then flooded it with crap posts, so that he could not keep the place organized. He deleted a few posts and got called out on it. His own posts were modified, and had little derogatory tag lines tacked on. When he tried to retaliate the same way, he was taken to task. His complaints were met with derision, and he was advised to "walk it off, pussy". He walked off.

He stopped posting at theRanter, accusing the admins of harassment by deleting and changing his posts. But he constantly keeps an eye on the activity there for any references to himself.

Again at theRanter

Big Al's signature at theranter

He joined up again at theranter as "Neil&Dan", a username of a member of and posted irrelevant stuff just to get his post count up.

I farted one time and had ta change my pants but it was ok cuz i have lpenty of pants


—Bigal, posting as "Neil&Dan"

He posted a thread justifying himself:

Big al is OK by me, i say leave him be and so do some of the others Forgive his past as he is requesting a apolige It is all called off, you know what I mean right?


—Bigal, posting as "Neil&Dan"

He quoted Bigal's entire signature.

The persons quoted in that signature are utter fuckwits to have said that of BigAl.


—Soylent Green

Bigal mentors Tommy Tooter

When Tommy Tooter joined up at and started posting there Bigal took upon himself to coach the newcomer on the ways of his old forum.

Bigal watches tommy tooter and instructs him.png

Crusade against anti-scam sites

He eventually started on a crusade against all those forums which had made the mistake of banning him, and stood by and cheered when a few sites seemed to be closing down.

State of play: Fraudwatchers - DEAD.

Anti419academy - Death imminent.
Scambaiters - on life support.
Internet love scams - weakening.



— Big Al

He seemed genuinely happy that these websites, set up to help the scam baiting community, and to offer resources to educate the public against falling for these scams, were in difficulty.

His usual modus operandi would be to join a scam baiting forum, and then interfere in its treatment of members. He would demand preferential treatment and demand that his moronic ideas be followed. Eventually they would get tired of this and ban him.

One method he used to close down a few such sites was to register again using a proxy and post a few inflammatory and racist comments against the scammers - saying that they were nigerian nigger monkeys, for instance. Then the forum would be reported to the hosts for being racist and discriminatory. He managed to close down quite a few sites this way before the others wised up and tightened their moderation of such posts.

He would later post material made up to show that members of these sites were actively engaged in scamming people. He accuses these websites of teaching their members the techniques of extracting money from gullible people by promising them riches.

I think that your eater masters may also want to thank you as well. Due solely to your posts I have now closed down an EXTRA 36 fake eater scam sites.

I am sure they will be very grateful to you for being responsible for them losing even more illegally obtained money.

Every time I come under attack from the eater lackeys, I will close down more income producing fake eater sites. There now that will make them happy eh?


— Big Al

Here, he is accusing the people at 419eater (his first site) of being responsible for putting up the fake online store websites in order to steal money.

Arstechnica article

The Technology discussion forum Ars Technica ran an article on Scams and Scambaiting titled Baiting Nigerian scammers for fun (not so much for profit) The comments on the article quickly became a discussion on the ethics of wasting someone's time, when he was straining to put food on his table.

I'm sorry to be a wet blanket, but I think this is nasty and immoral. Scamming isn't right, obviously, and the baiters' stories are admittedly often funny, but let's get real. The scam baiters are well-off Westerners (even if they happen to be poor, by global standards, they're relatively well-off). The scammers themselves are from the developing world, and they're just trying to make a living--in an awful way, to be sure.


—A liberal bleedin' 'eart member at Ars Technica

Four and a half pages of this sort of discussion, and Bigal made his appearance. He signed up an account as "Berrymike". The owner of 419eater was "Mike Berry".

There are many honest members on 419eater who do a good job. But they are heavily brainwashed into believing they are with a good forum.


—Bigal, signed up under the name of the owner of

These questions will save the world!

He was challenged by other members of 419eater who had registered at arstechnica forums, but he refused to admit that he was the bigal who had been banned from there, and had fifteen questions for them.

Bigal's avatar at as the admin De Master Yoda
I have MANY more questions, but lets see how you go with asking these in the public section of eater. There are 15 questions that I would like posted on eater thanks.



He really should have had a question # 16 - Why do birds suddenly appear when you are near?

As he was not a member of the website in question when he was asking those questions, it was really none of his business, but he asked them nevertheless. He wanted the answer "because 419eater is run by a bunch of crooks". He did not get it.

Someone should sign up at antifraud international, where Bigal is an admin as "De Master Yoda" and try asking a few of these questions and watch as he swiftly wields the ban hammer. Weird, huh?

Big Al doesn't like the answers

After these questions were discussed by members of his old forum, Big Al dismissed them as unsatisfactory, and had this to say:

EXACTLY as I predicted many times, here comes the dogpiling and claims that I am crazy, as this is the only defense the eater mods have against the truth. So now as a direct result of this, I have posted on a site that has 3 0r 4 THOUSAND visitors a day. Have a nice day retards. RFLMAO



Bigal gets phone calls

This is a screen capture from google street view of the house at that address

A member of 419eater checked property records of Brisbane and identified a transaction which might be Big Al buying his house around the time he had announced he was moving into a new house. He called the number and asked for "Dougie". The voice that answered had a Yorkshire accent.

He posted that it was nice hearing Big Al's voice. Big Al responded by whining that eaters were harassing innocent people by calling them up at three o'clock in the morning.

Nobody had mentioned at what time the call had taken place.

He published this name, address and phone number. Bigal got rid of his phone and now uses skype to talk to people. He also denies that the property records belong to him. However, when one member of JUOT posted that address under his avatar he had this to say:

The use of my stolen photo without my permission IS using my real details.



Bigal objected strenuously when somebody posted this image from google street view in his signature

A survivalist surveyor at theranter puts in a word for Bigal:

The picture in your sig line of Big Al's house is something that Eater has been posting a while and its not really where he lives. Just thought you might like to know.



The dot net fiasco

Big Al set up a web forum imitating 419eater - if he could not get to heaven, by gaw he was going to be all the members at a reasonable facsimile. It was named - the original was "dot com", the imitation being referred to as "dot net".

Dot Net was to be the place where none of the faggotry that took place at dot com would happen. Anybody would be able to post as he pleased, and posts would not be deleted or moderated. It was easy to see what it would turn into - a festering pile of fail.

Here is bigal introducing his forum at, a site where he was an admin, "scammerslammer":


A considerable number of members there had the same style of posting, and they were all incensed at the "evil eater mods". They all sported usernames that were ripoffs of moderators and administrators at eater dot com, and they posted names, addresses, phone numbers, and merciless abuse.

The 419eater people were running a scam warning operation too. They would somehow get into the email account of the scammer, get the email address of victims who were sending him money, then attempt to track them down and try to stop them from throwing their money away.

It was not an easy task. The victims had been promised untold riches and they believed it. They were already rich. There was just a matter of some trifling amount of fees, a bit of bribes, some chemicals to be purchased, and then their investment was coming back multiplied many-fold. This phase of scrounging for money for bribes and fees was just a passing phase, a gateway to amazing wealth. It was a hard task bringing them down from cloud nine.

But Big Al's website said that these people were liars. The victims preferred to believe Big Al. These bad people at scamwarners had come to steal their windfall and their advice was to be rejected. So they continued feeding the scammers until their money was all gone, all their friends' money was gone, and nobody would lend them any money, any longer. Eventually the original 419eater forum was forced to sit up and take notice.

There was a problem - the website belonged to "Krokodile Dundee" of Australia. The names and addresses were fake. Email addresses listed were anonymous. "Dot net" was hosted in the USA. "Dot com" was based in the UK. The legal obstacles were formidable. Dot net was an unimpregnable fortress, and within its safety Big Al sat and hurled abuse at the evil mods who had banned him years ago.

The evil mods swallowed their pride and begged Big Al to take down this hate site. Victims of fraud were googling the persons offering help at eater dot com (and an allied site, scamwarners). Dot net assured these people that eater dot com and scamwarners were there to squeeze them out of whatever money they had left. Dot net said that eater dot com was the driving force behind the scam emails. Big Al trumpeted in dot net that dot com was the training facility for scammers and fraudsters.

Of course, Big Al was not the owner of dot net. Or so he said.


Somebody protested that Berrymike (bigal in disguise) was being unjustly harsh towards 419eater. Bigal used his admin powers to edit that post, and proclaimed that Berrymike was right.

The post's by "berrymike" are the truth so will remain.


—scammerslammer, admin (bigal)

There was one tiny lead - one unfortunate individual, a nurse by profession, had let Big Al use his credit card to pay for registration of the domain. Right now his bank account is xxxx as it is being leeched by the lawyers he has to pay to sort out the legal mess he has landed himself in.

Big Al is not the owner. He has disclaimed all responsibility. He is happy, and that nasty nurse can go roast in the hell he has landed himself in.

The story is there, in all its gory details on the 419eater forum, but you have to be a member in order to read it.

Gallery of fake screenshots

At 419eater dot net, Bigal posted a few fake screenshots which purported to show that there was a hidden forum on titled "Volk Sanctum" and that this forum was being used to discuss illegal activities. His assurance that these screenshots were genuine was that he did not possess the technical abilities to make such fake screenshots.

Posting any crap at eater

Big Al threw down a challenge on arstechnica:

You say you can post ANY crap? yet your fellow eaterite says that the moderators would remove any post in violation of their "RULES" that you read when you signed up?



So a thread was posted on 419eater with "any crap" as subject.

I claimed somewhere that I could post "any crap" at eater dot com. This post is meant to validate that claim.


—Soylent Green

Death of dot net

Lotta celebrates the death of

When was taken down due to the efforts of the team, they celebrated this by sporting avatars that said "404" and "nothing found". For a few days, entering the address in a browser resulted in a 404 not found error. Then it was replaced with a page saying that the site was temporarily down pending investigation by the ISP. Then it came up again, but the content was gone. Big Al worked tirelessly, posting inoffensive jokes and general banter and such drivel in order to give visitors the impression of a busy forum.

Big Al sported this avatar celebrating the return of

When complaints to the ISP hosting proved to be ineffective, 419eater resorted to legal action claiming infringement of copyright. This proved to be effective, and ceased to exist.

Big Al has never explained how his pet forum disappeared. He attempted to set up a few forums on free hosts and repeat the dot net experience, but they were all shut down. He does not say if he lost any money in the lawsuit either. Probably nothing. The nurse from scranton paid it all, and was left with just the shirt on his back.

The 419 eater dot net forum is dead. now redirects to Big Al has nothing to crow about now.

Eater lolsuit

One of the owners of is a lawyer. He was roped in to deal with the 419eater dot net nuisance, and he filed suit for violation of copyright.

As I have said in previous posts pertaining to this case, the days of him and his cohorts hiding behind their keyboards is over now that he has supposedly hired a lawyer it gives us the opportunity to find out the truth on who has been attacking 419eater it's staff and myself.


—Admin of 419eater

The first lawsuit lapsed, but they used it to subpoena the dot net server and get at the server logs. They used this further to discover the identities of people who were posting at dot net.

Those were an interesting bunch. There was a chef in Manatee, whose picture of his own rear graces the "gallery of lame copies" of ED's page on Goatse. There was a survivalist surveyor from Troy, IL. There were a bunch of members from eater whose accounts were banned as soon as they voiced protest. There were a bunch of accounts by bigal.

After months of planing and deciding how we are going to handle this we have just about come to the end of our identification phase where identifying these individuals based on the evidence we have gathered from various subpoenas is just about done. So far we can comfortably point to three perhaps four individuals who felt it was a-okay to slander both this site and it's staff.



Eater published the details of these persons on their forum, innocently asking if their members had more information on these people. They might have received a few phone calls in the middle of the night from excited Nigerians wishing to inform them of risky free deals, and a few deliveries of quick-setting cement mix delivered to their driveway.

The lawyer singled out one keyboard warrior - a nurse by profession from Scranton, PA, whose credit card had been used to pay for hosting the dot net hosting and domain. He was named in the second lawsuit, and asked to pay damages due to copyright infringement. They eventually settled for an undisclosed amount of money.

as nursing students in general are nontraditional students. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Honesty, integrity, and excellence are not just a motto, or a guideline for us, they are second nature to us.


—Michael Boyd, MyBankAccountIsXXXXXX

Fallout of the lolsuit

TheFailure, owner of, forbids his members to mention

Other websites, whose members had made fun of quickly sat up and took notice. was evidently not to be trifled with, because it was routine for their owner lawyer to slap a lawsuit and extract money from the owner if he felt like it.

The owner of couldn't sleep nights thinking of it. He pulled the plug on his website, let go the domain name and another website which used to be called scamtacular became it. Big Al was a prominent member on his site, and he could not be relied upon to desist from posting inflammatory material against 419eater.

Big Al scored again.

Big Al joins JUOT

Somebody joined Joe's Ultimate Off Topic discussion forum with username "Bigal" and proceeded to spray random threads with passages from the original Big Al's posts taken at random from around the net. The inhabitants of that corner of the innertubes were at first puzzled, and then enraged.

This guy's IP suggests a popular east coast city ... I don't get why he talks about sh!t like we have any idea wtf he's talking about?


— admin at juot

He believes everyone else can hear the voices he does.


— member at juot

Big Al did not take these allegations lying down. These people were besmirching his reputation, and they had to be put right, fast. He joined up there the next day as "Big AL" and posted his rebuttal.

The member above posting as Bigal who joined yesterday, has nothing to do with me in any way, and I believe it is yet another feeble attempt to malign me by the retards who are afraid of the truth being posted.


— Big AL

An amusing shitfest followed as each of the big al's accused the other of being the imposter. Looking at their posts, it was hard to say which was which. The fake bigal had an easy job of it as he just copy-pasted old posts of the real big al's that was somewhat vaguely relevant to the present discussion. The real big al was exasperated, and it was funny to see him in a rage at his own words in settings which made them sound like gibberish.

I have registered under the name I use on AMB ie Big Al TODAY, All other members posting under any variations of this name are frauds. The impostor is also posting PARTS of my previous messages in an attempt to mislead.


—Big AL

The regulars at JUOT rose to the occasion, registered multiple "AL" usernames and added to the lulz:

  • Real Big Al : What the hell is going on here?
  • Bigger Al : You bastards will REAP and LEARN!!!
  • Nig Al : Word up homies- The REAL Nig AL is in da house! All these other IMPOSTERS are lame white dudes with small white dicks. Especially "Real Big Al." I'm the REAL thing ladies, I'm here to cover your vanilla canyons in my chocolate sauce. My superior Nigerian manhood has made the other Al's jealous because I've sexed up all their wives.
  • Big Al Bundy : The truth is I haven't been called "Big Al" since High School when I scored 4 touch-downs in a single game! But, irregardless, I AM the REAL Big AL!
  • Big Al Gore : This is bullshit! I invented the Internet, I invented everything. None of you would even have a forum to complain about if it wasn't for me therefore I AM THE REAL BIG AL!!!
  • Big Al Sharpton : Lord O' Lord take pity upon these White Devils for they know not what they speak. I am the one and true Big Al - ask anyone in Harlem who is "Big Al?" and they will all point to me - that is all the proof you need.
  • Big Al Franken :
  • Big Al Queda : Al Franken sounds like a Jew. Death to the Great Satan! We are the true Big Al - we strike fear into you all. We Jihad your buildings, we jihad your planes. All your bases are belong to us!
  • Big AL : My My, what a popular guy I am right now. All these people want to be me, are they really jealous of me? I did not know I had so many fans who would like to be me.

This quickly led to a discussion about identifying the "Real Big Al". It was suggested that the real big al will have a titanium hip, as he has posted on several forums about going in for that operation. He was shocked at the suggestion that it was a cover, a euphemism for getting treated by electric shocks to the head in the looney bin.

So to make you happy here are some facts. For the record I will be 64 this year.

Yes I have had a hip replacement, So? I also have had some childhood diseases like chicken pox, but I have recovered from those thanks. I have never had any treatment for any mental illness in my life and have not had any electrical treatment, unless you count the time as a child I accidentally touched a live electrical wire.


—Big Al

Big Al survives the Brisbane flood

After the flood of January 2011 Big Al posted this to calm the fears everyone, who was doubtless worried sick of his safety:

Many thanks for all the inquiries as to whether the flood affected me, they are appreciated.

As I live near the top of a hill and my house is up on stumps I have been fortunate to avoid any water problems.


— Big AL

Die, Faggot


—User at JUOT

He was asked why he was spamming the forum with shit nobody cared about. After it was conclusively proved that nobody at JUOT had cared whether bigal had drowned in the flood or not, he whined that too much attention was being directed at his small harmless lie, while other, more important, things were going on. His point is that his announcement as if he had received multitudes of private messages was a triflingly piffling matter, but other, even more mightier harmful things were being perpetrated. Like links to sites hosting malware. Like the Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Now lets see some of the members ask others here who have been proved to be liars to explain their motives and posts. Let them ask why members are allowed to post links to malware on the sites they post on. Surely this is of more importance that who asks me if I am ok?


—Big AL

OMG! Big Dumb Al is me!!

Big Dumb Al tweets about his favourite farting place

Somebody created a twitter account, #BigDumbAl and linked to it at JUOT. Bigal took offence, and said that he was being harassed. It was funny, because there was nothing in it to link him to it except the Big ... Al in the username.

The tweets were mostly about flatulence and soiling one's pants.

There is a special place where I love to go and fart. I call it the gassy knoll.



Banned from JUOT

Bigal affirms his right to use any username he wants to
One user of JUOT requested the admin to change his username to Alan James Watson and added the details which Bigal had denied belonged to himself.

Big Al made accounts using the names and pictures he had found from facebook, of people he suspected to be from eater and posted stuff calculated to enrage those people. He was questioned on this, and he responded that he had the right to use whatever username he wished.

One member of JUOT quoted this and changed his name on the forum to "Alan James Watson". He also assumed the address and details which Bigal had denied was his. Bigal cried himself hoarse that this was harassing an innocent man, but was ignored.

Big Al eventually had words with the forum admin over the signature of this user. The offending contents were links to this ED article, and a twitter account: #BigDumbAl Big Dumb Al. He said they were denigrating him, and wanted to serve a DMCA takedown notice to have the offending links removed.

The Admin responded by banning him. He said that being a member on his forum was a privilege, and this privilege would be revoked should somebody think of involving the forum in legal proceedings.

Here is one of his posts from JUOT, where he emphatically denies that his name is Alan James Watson. We should all believe him.


He tried to get back at the admin of JUOT by posting in Vbulletin forums, but his whiney posts get edited out every time.

you have been warned before about you personal vendettas.


—Admin at Vbulletin forum

Shutting down JUOT

Angry at the admin for banning him, bigal tried to get even by shutting down

One ploy was to complain to the hosting company claiming (falsely) that the forum was hosting malware, and manufacture evidence.

What he does is send a believable sounding complaint to the host's abuse department. He will provide a link and also provide an email "copy" of the post in question. He will provide a real copy of the post, except, he modifies a single URL slightly so that instead of being the actual URL posted on the forum, it is instead a link to a site that distributes malware.


—BirdOprey5, admin of

Fortunately, the tech who received Bigal's complaint looked at it closely and found that he had supplied a doctored link, and so was spared.

Here is BirdOPrey5 accusing Bigal of trying to shut down his site:

Was it a lie or mistake when you mailed my host trying to get my site shut down for distributing malware when I was not? When you altered the copy of the post you sent them to include links I never had on my site?


Crusade against URLjet

When URLjet ignored his whiney complaints and manufactured evidence as the rantings of a mad man, he started attacking it. He began posting negative reviews and complaints about the hosting company all over the internet.

are they protecting someone at the expense of their own integrity?


—Victim of a host company, Zethon (Bigal)

He signed up at Web Hosting Talk forum using the favourite username of the admin of Another Message Board, Zethon, and posted his rant.

if I do a DMCA report my details will be forwarded to the hackers by DMCA, and so will put my family and myself in danger, this is unacceptable.


—Big Al

If they don't know your real name and are using some other random guy's details (because they don't have yours) how do they know the random guy's name is similar to yours, and how on earth are they harrassing YOU?


— Member of Web Hosting Talk

I still do not connect how someone is harassing the OP if they do not know his name.


—Member of Web Hosting Talk

He sprayed this bullshit all over the net. It was deleted as spam from most places, but one another place it survives is complaints board - a website where they ask companies for money to remove complaints users post on that site.

In both places, he was asked to provide a valid DMCA request so that any offending content could be removed provided he could prove copyright to the disputed content.

OP, I will say it since nobody else has. FUCK OFF and talk to a mirror it is the only one who is listening.

It has been amusing watching you be such a douche but enough already. If this has been going on for 5+ years, it is time you walked away from your computer and got a Freakin Life!


—Member of webhostingtalk

Someone joined up as "Alan James Watson" to respond to him at complaints board. His complaint was that his picture was being used at JUOT discussion forum as an avatar. This user posted that picture and asked bigal if that was indeed the picture he was objecting to. Bigal wasn't pleased. His campaign was to remove that pic from public view, and here it was being thrust in his face again.

"Victim of a host company" was told to submit a proper DMCA request, which he has not yet done. Let me speculate on the reasons:

1. It is not really his picture, so he can't provide proof.

2. He is a hobo, living on the streets and leeching off working people, so he does not have an address.

3. He is a felon on the run from the law, so revealing his identity will get him arrested and in jail


—Alan James Watson

Rahstyles dot com

The celebrated Amdim of, in the washroom of his casino


—Admin (post edited by a rogue user)

Admin wanted somebody to tell him who edited his shouts
Admin says he does not want racist posts on his site

A washroom attendant at a casino in Temecula set up a web forum and invited Big Al to help him administer the forum. He was offering cash prizes for members each week. Big Al signed up as new members each week and Admin duly awarded prizes to these dual accounts.

Somebody questioned the Admin on this and his reaction was epic.

Big Al eventually banned everyone who disagreed with him, and edited their posts. No member would stick around after this sort of treatment, so activity at that forum eventually dwindled and finally there was just Big Al, watching the board for any new posts so he could delete them. Admin was too busy cleaning pee and poo off the porcelain at the casino in Temecula (with his tongue, somebody alleged) to do anything much. He had been warned a couple of times against toying with his phone while on duty.

With all the members gone, Admin decided he was not going to renew the hosting and thus one more of Big Al's boards went under.

It was not his fault.

Who the hell is deleteing all the posts. IF somebody doesnt tell me in 24hours. Im going to demod the whole staff


—Admin of

Admin of Rahstyles displays his ignorance and threatens to demod Big Al (Alan James)

The eighth legion

I will leave it as it is for now. As far as I know I did not break any rules but I was still demodded.



The website and forum became 8thlegion in order to attract a wider member base and Bigal sucked up to the admin and was made a moderator there. When Bigal started his campaign against the admin of JUOT after getting banned DRE, admin of 8th, first warned Bigal against bringing this stuff on his board, then stripped him of moderator status, and, when his whining became an incessant drone in his ear became incensed and banned him.

DRE, Enjoy your Thirty pieces of silver that you obtained as tech assistance at the cost of staining your imortal soul.



Bigal took the fight over to facebook.

Bigal is behind these two fake nigger accounts on facebook
Over 300 comments spread across 3 aliases by one guy, arguing with another guy who also has several different aliases ... This is the most pathetic crap I've ever witnessed from banned members ever.



This is the admin of Eighth Legion, now 8thos posting at Xenforo community forum.

Somebody set up a web discussion forum for discussing the features of the new Vbulletin 5 he was not quite happy with.

You will NOT POST PERSONAL INFO, this is for the support and critique of vBulletin 5 Connect only


—admin of Vb5connect

Bigal joined up, and began spraying his hate speech all over it. Some of it was directed at the most recent admin who had to ban him, BirdOPrey of JUOT. BOP joined up too, and responded to his accusations.

Until I see your proof of sending a DMCA request which you said you did, you are a liar. Everyone is watching. Ball is in your court. You don't get to make demands, there is no negotiation here. You need to PUT UP or SHUT UP.



Bigal did not put up. He did not shut up, either.

I am quite happy to send you copies of things when you have done the ethical thing and removed the defamatory posts about me from your website, as any decent responsible admin would do.



Here, he says he would send BOP a DMCA notice after he takes down the material which is the subject of the DMCA. He considers every post defamatory, and constantly brings in fresh demands if he feels some of his demands are being granted.

Death of VB5connect

It did not last. The admin of that board did not like bigal spewing his insane ramblings all over his forum, and submerging any discussion about VBulletin software in his whining crying about an innocent man being wronged by the forum admins by posting his photos.

It was shut down.

Bigal joined this forum, set up as a forum for admins of forums, and (again) posted his tirade against the evil admin who had banned him.

Prove me wrong Joe, I am calling you out on this, do the right thing and remove all the crap as requested.



Among other things, he claimed he had sent a DMCA takedown notice to the admin of claiming copyright over his image and his literary creations. Joe came right back at him.

A bold faced lie, a random email ranting about Indian hackers is not a DMCA Takedown request. You never issued ANY official request. You sir, are now a confirmed liar. Welcome to the club. Although to be hoest, we both know you're not only a member, you're the Prresident.



So Joe is now not protected. Fire and brimstone shall rain down upon his head, because he was issued with a DMCA "under my internet name" and he did not comply.

And under the safe harbour requirements, for you to remain protected, you need to remove the photo within a reasonable time after being notified of it, as you have been notified many times.



The photo remains up on that website still. And bigal shall continue ineffectually crying about it on any forum he can, until that forum admin puts a stop to it. He again explains why he cannot afford to put down his real name and address on a DMCA:

And so the impersonation of me by the scammers continues. One of my user names is Gbenga Jones and I use the avatar that the new member is using. And Joe wants me to give him my real name.



"Gbenga Jones" is bigal's nigger lookalike account at facebook.


What he hasn't realized yet, is that he is posting this disclaimer on a forum running the Xenforo forum software.

He continues to take swipes against the admin BirdOPrey5 (joe) of JUOT:

Well Joe, how about you putting your actions where your mouth is, and treating people with respect instead of posting lies and defamatory posts about them, how about removing their personal information that you know has been stolen by a hacker from your website, and how about stopping self confessed hackers and scammers from impersonating me and posting altered copies of my posts stolen from Admin-talk on your website.



Finally the admin had enough of the mudslinging.

Al, this is your last warning.. If I see the name Joe or birdofprey in your post again, you're going to get a temp ban... Just drop it or take it elsewhere!


—Admin of

Crusade against vBulletin

For over seven years now I have been stalked and harassed and lied about by such people. When the Vb support staff protect and support those who do such things, then they have only themselves to blame if I post the truth about them.



When his attempts to get the admin BirdOPrey5 get fired from his job at vBulletin as support staff did not meet with success, he turned his wrath on vBulletin and started a campaign to take it down.

When you denigrate customers and in Joes case, allow AFI to be attacked when it is only doing good, then your personal websites become legit targets as well.

There are now so may customers and EX customers of Vb that I fear the old good reputation of Vb and by association IB, is irreparably damaged now.



Has biGal actually paid for vB5? Does he have any knowledge of running vB5? Has he experienced any problems with vB5 support?

Guess not. But that does not stop him from ranting against vBulletin and the people behind it on every chance he gets. He hopes to get back against the evil admin, BirdOPrey5, who had banned him from the web forum JUOT for threatening legal action against it.

If vBulletin goes out of business it will put BOP out of his technical support job. Fat chance.

But his real reason for posting in that admin forum is to attack the admin who banned him.

Had to clean more posts that were personal attacks. I would suggest that the parties involved put each other on ignore. I am not going to spend my time cleaning out personal attacks in these vbulletin threads.


—AWS, admin of admin-talk

Crusade against AWS, new owner of Admin-Talk

Coming soon. All signs point to one in the offing.

I think it is time Brandon put you out to pasture. All you do is post this same drivel about the same people day in and day out. You obviously need some sort of psychiatric help. While this stuff was amusing at first it is getting tiresome reading the same old garbage.


—AWS at

The above was posted while AWS was just an ordinary member of the forum. As the new owner, AWS lays down the law:

It is not OK to carry a vendetta from other sites to this one. It is not OK to think you have a right to say what you want here because you don't. This is not a free speech forum. The staff will decide if what you post warrants being removed.

Again I say this so all can read it. This is not a free speech forum. If you post anything inflammatory towards another member or bring your dirty laundry from another site to this site you will be banned. No second chances either.


—AWS, new admin of

Last warning:

The next time Big Al posts something that is a back handed stab to try to get a rise out of Joe he will be gone



Wait for the AWS bashing to start in 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

The saga of the Google Street view

Bigal posted a link at and explained how people who wanted their house blurred in google street view could do so. He then proceeded to apply it to his own house, and thus removed any doubt anybody had about him living at that address.



It was reported in a blog in a different way, however.

The house in which Alan James Watson (aka De Master Yoda, aka Big Al, aka Gbenga Jones) ran a cashbaiting operation for more than a decade using his scam website is scheduled to be demolished this week, but Google has already wiped it off the map.

Watson's Springfield Lakes residence at 2 Speckled Cct. has been blurred out on Google Street View, much like how an obscene or pornographic image would appear on network TV. Unfortunately the sadly desiccated land immediately in front of the house remains visible, complete with discarded rubbish.



He was asked if he was near the centenary freeway.

No I am nowhere near the Centenary highway. It is the M1 I can see from my house. I live very close to the city center so can see most of it from my house.



The highway nearest to the blurred house is actually the centenary highway.

Bigal Joins ED

antifraudinternational - Big Al is an admin here as "De Master Yoda" and does a fantastic job.


—example edit by Bigal

Bigal was embarassed by links to this page which magically appeared whenever he tried to strike back against the evil mods who banned him, so he tried the obvious thing: join ED and edit it!

He was painfully aware of the patrolling bots which would pounce on him should he try blanking large sections of text, so he nibbled at small pieces, changing a little here and there, justifying himself, and changing the meanings of large paragraphs by inserting negations in strategic places. His edits took away the lulz considerably.

Somebody noticed his butt-hurt revisionist edits and restored them, imposing a three day ban. When the three days were up, bigal came back and tried the exact edits again. This time he was banned for six months.

He will be back.

He was thrilled when ED went down.

Despite the threats against AFI and myself the campaign by those who wish us harm has not progressed but gone backwards.

The website encyclopedia dramatica es has closed down taking with it a lot of false and defamatory comments.

The threats and misinformation posted on have been removed, consequently quite a few details have also been removed by the search engines. This will continue.


—De Master Yoda

Brown Monkeys

Big Al has attracted his retinue of followers who like to poke him with a sharp stick. His reaction to this is twofold:

  • Threaten to get them banned from eater
  • Call them brown monkeys

This old man holds membership in the website eater forum as the ultimate that anyone can aspire to, and the threat of being banned from that utopian forum will be enough to make anyone fall into line. Or so he thinks.

He is a racist prick, and anybody with skin colour different than his own is a monkey.


Medical History

He was born in Yorkshire, England, and migrated to Australia when he was older. He claims to have met royalty.

When I was just a boy I met and shook hands with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, He seemed a nice enough guy.


—Big Al

He is known to have an artificial hip.

I got an infection on  my leg, and it spread to my hip!!
not a good thing to happen, so they say! i have had that
many tests i feel like a pincushion!
I am getting better now that the antibiotics are working
and the swelling is going down, so should be ok !
It is something i  have  to watch out for, thanks again,
talk later "Al"

He gets psychiatric treatment:

 Hi,I am currently on break from posting for a while and
 will return soon. I have  been admitted to the Brisbane
 psychiatric hospital and when I get out I will continue
 exposing the lies that the cretins have been spreading,
 and  closing  down  many fake eater  web  sites.  Until
 then,  please  check  back  occasionally to  see how my
 medication is working, "AL"

Trolling Big Al

He explains his choice of username at

He does not like to be called Bi Gal.

Big Al has an acute case of megalomania and is always ready to defend his good name. Joining one of the sites where he has not been banned yet and addressing him as Bi Gal immediately provokes a reaction. On a site where he sucks up to the admin (eg. it can result in an immediate ban, followed by a circle-jerk by Big Al, the admin, and assorted hangers on.

He is also sensitive about his age, and saying that he is 65 years old when he really is only 64 years young will bring on his wrath.

You can ask him why he posts another lie that I am 70 years old when he knows full well that I am not that age.

Ask him why he uses a photochopped picture of me that was stolen from my Pc by a hacker, in his avatar on other forums. And as part of the background of his monkey sig here that is a caricature of the same stolen photo.


—Big Al

This is the animation he is complaining about.

Big Al exposed for running a hacking/phishing forum, better known as AFI, has had a sterling reputation for many years as the premier site where useless old codgers go to bide their time whilst waiting for the icy hand of death to fall upon them. As if part of an eternal Beckett play, people endlessly inquire "Is this a scam?", to which De Master Yoda or some other AFIer responds, "Yes it is. You should now run a virus scan on your computer. Never give money to these scammers," etc., or some other similar load of useless codswallop.

What no one knew until recently, however, is that AFI is actually a hotbed of illegal hacking and phishing, all overseen by the masterful squinty eye of De Master Yoda, aka Big Al (Alan James Watson of 2 Speckled Cct., Springfield Lakes, Queensland, Australia).

Big Al would drop in occasionally at AMB, a relentlessly prosaic forum where two or three morose idiots chat amongst themselves about trivialities and troll Tommy Tooter, the Hobo King of Arizona, the Guru of Garbage]. After being accused of hacking (or phishing, no one can recall as it is so dull there), in a misguided move, Big Al stated unequivocally that he has never been involved in hacking or phishing, and he demanded that proof be presented or a retraction made immediately. Someone known as 'the Big "AL" keylogger' proceeded to post one screenshot after another of some of the illegal activities that go on behind the scenes at AFI. While these images are obviously from private forums at AFI, it is not clear how they were obtained. Either someone hacked into AFI (which would be hilarious as they are obsessive about security), or some member in good standing has turned informant.

In response to all this, Big Al never returned to snwer these charges because, quite frankly, there could be no response as he is 100% guilty. While he does not have the skillz required to have initiated any of these acts, he gleefully participated in them, and probably still does today. He will brush this off as being in some legal grey area because he and his team only break into the email accounts of Nigerian scammers, but it is, in fact, not a grey area at all. It is illegal. There is no way around it. In every country where there is rule of law, accessing someone's email account through phishing or hacking is illegal, end of.

Below are some of the screenshots that were posted first on AMB, and then on the blog dedicated to Big Al, where many more can be found.

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