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The wit that spawned it all.

The "Bigger Man" Argument is well-known on the internets as the last refuge of a person who has lost a heated argument. Similar to white knighting or not feeding the trolls, the Bigger Man Argument is a pussy move and a final act of futility. Usually, attempted by one who has realized whoever they are arguing with is intellectually superior or a simply better troll, the loser attempts to take the high road and claims something to the tune of "I'll just be the bigger man and stop arguing for the sake of it".

Origins and Usage

The "Bigger Man" Argument stemmed from a meme that is at least 100 years old and therefore has been abused to the point where it is just as annoying as the fag using it, even though lulz were provided because it shows what the future holds for Sarah Palin's son Trig. For history and documentation's sake, the meme is as seen to the right, featuring the heroic Olympian struggling to overcome hurdles.

How to Pull off

Guaranteed to increase manhood in 3-8 weeks!
  1. When you realize YHBT, go into denial and begin rescinding all the bullshit you have been goaded into saying.
  2. Now that you have abandoned all of your beliefs and have falsely accused your opponent of slandering you, begin claiming your moral superiority.
  3. State that by ceasing the argument that you are in fact the better person while in fact you are just a pussy.
  4. Optional steps: ragequit, delete fucking everything, an hero, etc...

Success Rate

There has been no proven or documented cases of the "Bigger Man" Argument ever working. Even looking through the annals of history, no reports of success surfaced. It is quite possible that this argument will never work, because no self-respecting troll would find themselves overwhelmed by the moral proclamation of some pussy and back down and admit defeat. Or in short words for you retards: LOL no success rate whatsoever.

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