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The original.

A shit tier web comic by the name of Owl Turd (we're not making this up) was busy churning out its usual taint of mundane mediocrity, back in November of 2017, when it managed to suddenly go viral as a result of infuriating the entire right side of the Internet. Now you might think, "How could some silly little poorly drawn web comic possibly piss off so many people?!" And the answer to that question would be... cowardly self-submission to the point of effectively creating an entirely new dimension of gutless prostration. We're talking a brand of self-inflicted impotence on a level that would make any sane thinking person start to question whether or not some human beings should even be allowed to walk upright and wear clothes, let alone be allowed to have the usual rights and responsibilities of a capable discerning adult.

The comic depicts a total fucking loser of a little girl playing pretend grown up who finds that their bike has been stolen and manages to repaint the crime as somehow serving a higher good by bringing a criminal joy at their own detriment and personal expense because, more than likely, his parents are rich, fucking liberal types that will go out and buy the little cuck a new bike once they have witnessed their indoctrination has taken hold.

Essentially the cuck equivalent of subjugated "sour grapes" the comic is disturbingly self-depreciating in a way that either implies illicit drug usage or a complete and total divorce from rational thinking that has become pedestrian for left-leaning types.

The Making Of A Meme

Bike Cuck - Stolen Comic.jpg

Within 24 hours, the comic gained over 8,800 notes on Tumblr. On Reddit where it was posted into /r/CringeAnarchy, it received more than 1,000 points (90% upvoted) and 200 comments within the same day. Shortly after it began making the rounds on 4Chan and other trollish deposits of the Internet where people began making exploitation style edits mocking the comic's infantile premise and self-defeating outlook on life.

One of the edits in particular, which depicted the subject/author of the comic getting cucked by his wife and looking at the situation positively, gained a considerable amount of interest and in turn led to the moniker "Bike Cuck". Before long the insulting label was being gleefully paraded and plastered all over the comic's Twitter feed much to the delight and amusement of all the trolls looking to relentlessly mock the loser to increase their own personal happiness.

A Broken Bike Cuck

Rather oddly the comic author did not enjoy his new found celebrity status as the cucked creator of comics and began lashing out at the endless horde of happiness filled trolls and tormentors. Hypocritically he was more than willing to have his bike stolen to increase the happiness of others, but having his shitty, poorly drawn, DeviantArt level web comic stolen... well that's apparently just going way too far. Srsly u guys, srsly.

Unsurprisingly he first began to threaten the trolls for "stealing" his totally (un)original works, which in turn only made the entire matter worse, by directly invoking the Streisand Effect. Then once he realized he fucked up he suddenly back pedaled, trying to pass it all off as a joke and how he was supposedly in on it, but nobody bought into his bullshit and simply continued right on roasting him.

After he realized he was trying to fight a social battle he had absolutely no chance of winning he started making a series of tweets outlining his plans to get the hell out of Dodge. The bike cuck version of, "I'm taking my ball and going home!" completely devoid of the realization that his ball was already losing air and about to be completely flat.

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