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An unsuccessful procedure.
What has science done?!

What separates the furries from normal, boring people is how seriously they take the fandom. Some people like to watch Bugs Bunny cartoons because it makes them laugh. Other people believe their chosen animal to represent their soul and will draw them in 700 different sexual positions, write about yiffing and even dress up as them because they feel a part of the animal’s being inside them. Some feel a connection to their chosen animal so deeply they would rather chose delicious doggie cock over a hyooman man or woman. Everyone knows ‘Woof!’ means ‘Take me; I’m yours!’. But there are always groups who take it a step too far. Biofurs are furries who want scientists to biologically alter them into becoming more like an animal. Furries are now officially further down on the evolutionary scale than Gypsies and Jews.



Furnetics was a website used by furries looking towards genetic engineering to turn them into animals. In 1998 a website offered information on how science could turn humans more into animals:

Hundreds of furries e-mailed the owner on how to get the correct surgery, the legal aspects and future possibilities. What they didn’t know is that the website was actually a hoax.

Good News for Furries

Another successful procedure.

Always looking for something to become butthurt over, furries are undoubtedly reading this article. Some might be appalled by the idea of humans deliberately turning themselves into animals.

But wait! There may be some advantages to becoming part animal:

Good News For Trolls

Since they are black person and not fully animal either, (meaning no animal rights) – this degenerate sub-species should be treated like what they are. The best methods of dealing with these deranged creatures include:

  • Use them for target practice.
  • Decapitate them and mount their heads on the wall.
  • Strip their flesh from their bodies and throw the meat on the BBQ.
    • And feed it to the dog.
  • Use them to test potentially dangerous drugs.
  • Lock them up with real animals (preferably tigers).
  • Remind them that unlike werewolves, they can’t go back to being human again.

Remember – these are furries. They were never fully human in the first place.


Like many furries, Wolfegang fox is a talented visionary young artist.

Wolfegang Fox is the 16 year old creator of a blog about the Furry Fandom and the Furry War. This is bad enough except this so-called documenter and vigilante also happens to be completely fucking insane. His motive behind the blog was to dispel myths about the furry fandom and instead has proved just why we need to wipe this scum off the face of the Earth.

The Fur Himself

Now imagine him surgically transformed into a fox . . .

Like many blogs on the internet – furry or not – he BAAWWWS about event such as 9/11 and the persecution of Homosexuals.

He’s also a Nazifur.

He claims to study the Nazis (including 4 different books, several websites and at least one CD on WWII) because he wants to be a historian when he’s all grown up. A closer look at his blog however reveals his real intentions: he wants to genetically engineer himself to become part animal.


My fellow furs, I am what I am, I want to thank the scientist for doing this to me, and for all of you haters out there I have a few things to say to you. You can not kill what you did not create, you can’t kill me I’m untouchable, as some of you can see I thought ahead, there are snipers all over the buildings, protecting me from assassins. Ever since I was 15 years old I had a dream, I was called many names and they said it was impossible but I kept my dream alive by asking these scientists to find a way to make me a furry, you may not know this but this is a huge victory for the fandom and a huge loss for the haters, my dream is reality finally after 7 years of waiting, writing, and drawing. Now I have an offer to all of the furs who want to become what I am please come forward, anyone who wants to stay the way we are that’s fine I’ll see you at the next convention and next press confurence. Thank you for your attention, goodnight.


—As if fursuits weren’t enough.

A beautiful piece of Art . . . Destroyed

While even other furries laugh at this pathetic attempt at propaganda, Wolfegang weeps at the desecration of Fursecution Fox. He biggest beef with this vandalism is that the picture had been changed to depict Taurin Fox as a Nazi. Clearly Wolfegang has no concept of irony.


Use scrollbar to see the full image

Wolfegang ED.PNG
However as soon as the e-mails below were posted, Wolfegang instantly deleted his blog.


|Oh shi- | | |


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