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Bitsytalk is a shitty Pokemon forum populated by 13-year old boys and lolcows who frequent Minichan. The site is known for its small population, hate of Anonymous, and horrible fanfiction.

The typical response to a Bitsytalk thread on Minichan.

It is divided into several "sub-boards", which makes it look like phpBB and ATBBS's horrible lovechild.


Bitsytalk was founded in the Summer of 2010 when the admin, named Sgt Schizop who is really Kawaii thought, "Hey, I'm going to make an awesome forum with my own original software!". This happened after the other forum he ran, Pokemoncardmaker, got shut down by Nintendo for copyright infringement. Needless to say, all ten members of the forum got butthurt and migrated to bitsytalk.

The Chans

The post that started it all.

Early in it's creation, some of Minichan got together and trolled the shit out of Bitsytalk while pretending to be Kimmo. Much lulz were to be had by the site's, and especially Brobro's, rage generated from the trolling. This is what eventually sent bitsytalk to "war" with Minichan and Tinychan.

Notable Members

Sgt Schizop: The Sysop. Is really Kawaii, and frequents Minichan, often posting his comics that make fun of Kimmo or Anontalk. Not much else is known about him besides the fact that he probably lives in Kansas or Arizona.

Talons1337: An Australian who obsesses over nukes and Starcraft.

Oldman: A Total Drama and Dragon Ball Z fan. He often posts his crossover artwork, and contributes roughly half of the fan fiction on the site.

Phineasking ("Phin"): An Internet Tough Guy who pretends he's the boyfriend of one of the moderators. Has the most bans on the site by far. Yes, even more than Anonymous! Thought to be an aspie.

Leafingo: A Darkrai-obsessed girl who contributes the other half of the site's shitty fanfiction. Supposed girlfriend of Phin, and has the highest post count on the site (Fucking 17,000 posts!!!).

Oh Eeveen...

Eeveen is a moderator of the shitty site and one of the funnest reasons to troll Bitsytalk, if not the funnest. Dare you say bad things about Bitsytalk on any fucking chan possible? EEVEEN'S THERE! To raeg at the OP and to "defend" his precious site, although everyone else there will tell him to stop feeding the trolls. And of course he never listens. He's also a fucking celebrity there which means he can do whatever he wants, like here (fail troll is fail) and here (He created the rules without any other mod's consent or the sysop's). He's also given credit for trying to bring their other shitty site, PCM, back, along with a goderator named Silver.

How to Troll Them

Trolling Bitsytalk is ridiculously easy. All you have to do is one of these things:

  • Bash Pokemon
  • Post as Anonymous.
  • Argue with anyone.
  • Criticize the site's color scheme.
  • Post anything negative about them on Minichan or Tinychan.
  • Talk about how Anontalk is so much better than them.
  • Bash Minecraft, Portal, Halo, Mario, Sonic, or Starcraft.
  • Argue with Phin.
  • Ask for the source.

Site Rules

Bitsytalk has the strictest rules of any forum on the internet, ever. They include:

  • Absolutely no swearing
  • No tripcodes
  • Anonymous must be logged in to post
  • Censorship is neccesary

Gallery Of Fail

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  • Bitsytalk ---- The hellhole itself.
  • TCGMaker Chat ---- An actually active chat, most of Bitsytalk uses this due to it being a sister site's chat.

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