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Bitzi is a Wikipedia-like site, only it gathers files information found on P2P networks. Well, that's the official line. Practicly, they give you softwares to report everything you have on your computer. It has over 9000 bitizens and reported files (actually it's over 10 mil), and is growing by the day. It's run by a guy named Gordon (with the nick gojomo), who has no idea what trolls are and why he shouldn't have them on his site. In fact, he's actually been known to try to reason with them/learn what the "community" they say they represent want. All in all, a fun place and a home for pedophiles. Like Agentmike.

Actual error on Bitzi where the staff is trying to be funny. And this is in 2008, amirit?

Notable bitizens

  • Currently known as keysheister, this troll is a no-life basement dweller which after his own admitance, had over 9000 sockpuppets. He gets his kicks in trying (with great efforts) to rape another member, having little succes. He's accompanied by his whore, hawley, suspected to be just another sock-puppet. The latter does however seem to have a more open attitude to the talks, but their both arrival in talks at almost the same time seems to suggest the sock-puppet faggotry. And then she got permab&, LULZ!
  • Erakun, your basic internets eagle scout, has eyes for trolls and has their eyes in return. On the past year, he has reported over 9000 shitprints, catching the envy of the troll, unhappy that are people that can more then him.
  • Agentmike was there!!!11oneone
  • trollster - well the name says much, fan of AgentMike's and seemingly a normal guy long on that site... but srsly, who believes that?
  • axxo (wait, what?) reason of much amuzing drama.

Recent developments

The admin finally wized up to the troll and now has him on a straight leash. Unfortunately, this seems to have opened the way for a lulz killer to get his lamebrain ideas across and stop people getting most of the delicious viruses from online programs. On the bright side, this animu shithead approves of anonymity.


Some key player in Bitzi got offended by this shit article and decided to go on the rampage on ED. This culminated in their making of a shitty page containing the following hilarity.

Killhamster & Raspberry Rush

You were contacted recently
you were informed that the content of
is offensive
You were asked politely
to supply the contact details of those responsible for the page
or to delete the page
you have done neither
you therefor deserve the shitstorm coming you way

And you can stop trading indecent material of children with the peadophiles responsible for the above mentioned page

you are all a bunch of perverts - doing kids up the arse might be fun for you but that dosent make it right

encyclopediadramatica - more like encyclopediapeadoplillia

A website for perverts run by a bunch of bum bandits




Known troll clones

Notes*: Yes, their banning system sucks ass.

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