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Black People Love Us!

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A delicacy among negroes, from Atlanta to Zanzibar
The Jews love niggers.
Sally and Johnny were playing Pictionary. Time was running out and Sally couldn't get it!

In this day and age, a person with pasty skin may find it difficult to be liked by people with dark skin. Scientific inquiry in the black community reveals this has something to do with the pasty-skinned people owning everything, including the nigger's ancestors (actually, Jews aren't white). For some reason, this irritates the darker-hued people and they aren't planning on getting over it any time soon. However, being liked by a nigger really can happen for the whey-faced citizen sincere in his desire to bridge the tanning gap!

This is why Sally and Johnny created Black People Love Us!. They guide pasty people through all the important steps of establishing a healthy relationship, for instance, telling a nigger -- any nigger -- how articulate he is, and putting him at ease by mentioning "you da man!" Bonus points if the pasty-faced asks to sing along with a new black friend because, according to the site, all niggers love to sing.

Just think about how much fun life will be when pale people and dark people are no longer encumbered by ancient animosity. Gangsta music galore but with nice orchestral tracts in the background! Watching Tiger Woods win another championship without falling asleep! Copious use of the word "nigga" will earn a ghetto pass so that the pale can buy crack without being beaten to a pulp on the way to their dealer's corner, improving repeat business and, hence, the national economy. Moreover, white people will be honorary niggers and vice versa, leaving both free to mock and despise gooks .

This site qualifies as an old meme.

Things the whey-faced can do to help niggers love them

  • Buy them fried chicken and watermelon
  • Tell a bitch to "Move" and/or "Get out tha way"
  • End all sentences with "dawg" or "G"
  • Steal them sneakers (sneakers are official nigger currency)
  • Rap about life on da streetz uv Compton (makes them feel at home)
  • Beatbox
  • Demean a woman at every turn
  • Take they baby mama to her GED class
  • Wear $80 dollar Nikes, go home, collect Welfare check.
  • Find white women, and recommend making several "Caramel Babies" out of wedlock.
  • Get your wife and let them rape her to their heart's content. Niggers love "White Wimminz"


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