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Once in a great while something great happens. Be it your friend saving your ass from the pedophiles while you were playing Battletoads, or you went behind enemy lines to create lulz with nothing but your blood, sweat, and bare hands: only to find yourself cornered, out-numbered, and about to be perma-banned by some admin, but suddenly saved by the poor excuses you call "friends", then you have experienced what is known as /b/lackup.

Origin Of /b/lackup

Back in the day, at least 100 years ago, some oddly intelligent /b/tards at 4chan, shook off their shock induced cancer and hatched a plan. Though these brave and brilliant souls were forgotten, their acts are now legend. Thus, the great HABBO WARS had begun.

But, that has its own page.

What really matters, is that for once in their shitty lives, they threw aside their pitchforks and loli, and joined together for the greater good. Making their targets sniveling little bitches.

The term "blackup" most likely originates from the nigger slave term of "Rebellion", or perhaps "To Reinforce". In other words, "Yo dawg cum help a brudda steel summa dat bikes shit".

When the nigras were fed up with the continuous punishment and lack of white vagina from their American Masters, they called for /b/lackup.

When the blackup arrived months later on the ships from Africa, much rejoicing was had throughout the nigger community, as the /b/lackup proved more the enough to kill their oppressors, and rape the white wimminz.

/b/lackup, on the other hand, originated from the fabled Habbo Hotel wars, whereas whenever flea ridden faggy SysOps B& 5 /b/tards, 50 more would show up just to show they can.

Goodnight, sweet prince



Stories of /b/rotherhood


Now, /b/lackup can be applied to anything having to do with your /b/rothers bailing your ass out, when you're too fucking useless to do it yourself, or calling in reinforcements to finish the job. However, in case you want to be the /b/lackup, here's the steps to save the day:

  1. Browse 4chan.
  2. Get bored looking at loli.
  3. Wait for a raid to start.
  4. Wait until someone comes screaming to /b/ for /b/lackup.
  5. Don your /b/lackup apparel, which consists of being a nigger, having an afro, and a nice clean business suit.
  6. Spam "Pool's closed due to AIDS"
  7. ????
  8. WIN!

After this, repeat as needed until your afro needs grooming. This is the cycle of /b/lackup.

If you're the one getting bailed out, be ready to experience mild to severe ass-rape if lulz were not had.

/b/lackup was used extensively in all the Habbo Campaigns.

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