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I swear I'm 18.

18-year-old camwhore and total woman, Blake spends her time posting n00ds on /b/ and fouling up her mom's vegetable drawer.


Blake appeals to furries and pedos alike

Faced with several stern TITS or GTFO's, Blake offered up a steaming hot plate of vagoo, causing a time paradox.

After realizing that a third option, and, coincidentally, a third dimension, was possible, anonymous had no choice but to accept cubic time without question.

Despite demonstrating her amazing flexibility, many still sought to destroy Blake as they had nothing better to do. After an epic battle against furfags, homophobes and Captain Planet, Blake was rewarded for her bravery, and is now known as Limber-chan.

Get to know your Camwhore

Look what I can do!



Is altogether one of the most EPIC Chans of all time.

Pics (In No Particular Order)

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How cliché...