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Braille titties[1]

Braille is a language for blind people that was created at least one hundred years ago by some French douche who was sad that he couldn't fap to porn. The language is comprised of raised dots that can be "read" by the fingers of blind people, Jedi Knights and people who've run afoul of Mark Wahlberg.

Once the Houston 500 was completely transcribed into Braille, the language became obsolete and was stamped onto all ATMs and elevators for the lulz.

Learning Braille

Braille characters are expressed by raising different combinations of dots in cells that are 3 dots high and 2 dots wide. They are numbered accordingly:

1 ● ● 4
2 ● ● 5
3 ● ● 6

If you are not blind or have become blind you can learn Braille through a badass story (explained in the video below). It is learned by associating the elements of the story with the symbols they connote; the connotated symbols represent the raised dots in the Braille cells:

Approached a
Bridge, but it was
Closed. You took a
Detour then went
Empty, so you got
Fuel. You were in
Gridlock, so you traded your car in for a
Harely. You turned the
Ignition on and
Jumped over the river.

(However, if you were born blind then this story is not applicable; go cry more blindfag.)

The above are for letters "a" through "j" which are in 1, 2, 4, and 5; for letters "k" through "t" use "a" through "j" except raise a dot in 3, and for letters "u" through "z" use "a" through "j" except raise dots in 3 and 6. For numbers preface the cells with a cell that has raised dots in 3 through 6; for letters preface the cells with a cell that has raised dots in 5 and 6; for capital letters preface the cells with a cell that has a raised dot at 6; for punctuation shift "a" through "j" down one.

Braille can also be expressed with Braille ASCII. 1-6 does not mean dots 1 through 6 are raised but that dots 1 and 6 are raised. "a" through "j" in Braille ASCII ("a b c ... h i j"): 1 1-2 1-4 1-4-5 1-5 1-2-4 1-2-4-5 1-2-5 2-4 2-4-5.


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