Blogger's Code of Conduct

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A list of rules bloggers must follow to prevent them from trollage. It is yet to be seen how the fuck they expect this to be successful.


I. Teh blogger must not consider its blogue to be a "blog" unless there is a freely run comments section. Violators are subject to universal contempt and nameless forms of administrative punishment.

II. Said comments section must allow the maximum range of comments tolerable to teh blogger's bank balance, IQ, and physical health.

III. Teh blogger must freely speak his (because there are no girls on teh interwebs) own mind, no matter how ridiculous or asinine, how righteous or wrong, at all times.

III.b Teh only exception is if teh blogger is a Scientologist. In this case we all know that teh blogger's opinions are correct and he simply needs to post his home address and phone number. This is so teh adoring masses may send tokens of appreciation and encouragement to thank him for his help in attempting to clear the entire world.

IV Ignore all rules.