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Blogs4brownback is a satirical blog made by some /b/tard that got hit with the b&hammer for posting CP. Nominated for Best Conservative Blog but didn't win. The main purpose of the site is to troll people by posting obviously retarded posts. Unfortunately, nobody bothers to feed the troll and people end up flooding the entries with all sorts of spam. But to counter this, the admin frequently sockpuppets as random people in order to try and troll people harder, but fails at that as well. They also make references to memes and end up using them in the wrong way and failing even harder.

Attack on 4chan

Since the owner of the site complains about getting spammed on his blog, he decided to make a blog stating how 4chan is totally teh gay. This led to the flooding of the site to increase two fold just for the owner to admire all of the pageviews he has. After a while, Anonymous grew tired of spamming desu on the blog and decided to go do something more worth his time. The site owner decided to attack again, but nobody gave a shit since pissing in an ocean of piss is pointless.

Attack on Barack Obama

Has repeatedly called the president of the United States a gay muslim crackhead as can be seen here: [1]. But joke's on him as Mike Huckafag didn't win.

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