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Not to be confused with Blood.

Blood, a.k.a. at least 100 other fake names, is a totally heterosexual manchild in the Speakonia community with an infamous persistence for ban evasion. Seems like a nice guy, amirite? No; he's a perverted wannabe rapist with a burning desire to raep women. What a gentleman, indeed. The only reason why YouTube hasn't banned him is because you can't report ban evaders to their autistic mods, who are indeed autistic retards. Sorry, was that redundant? HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS! In all seriousness, he's a basement dweller with no respect for women and an inescapable fate of staying a raging virgin. As a troll with almost as much awesomeness as you, this is a standard, so what else is there to say?


Over 100 years ago

He made a YouTube account, which fortunately got B&. This week, he made a new YouTube account with reuploaded shit from his other totally epic channels, mostly banned.

Last Thursday

He hosted a shitty 15-minute collaboration predominantly consisting of text-to-speech videos, which included the Barney Bunch. It was bullshit to say the least, and anyone who didn't have assburgers hated it.



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