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The pinnacle of masculinity

Lj-favicon.png Bloodlent is a boy who wants people to think he's a boy who doesn't want be a girl but is actully a boy who wants to be a girl.

He thinks he's a troll who everyone thinks is the total lulz, but in reality he's just an emo goth who likes to hate everything. He obviously has a high opinion of himself, but this page will be the most recognition he gets for a long time.

He is also a moderator at the slightly lulzy but mostly fail Community.gif anti_bisexual community. His livejournal entries make absolutely no fucking sense. He's just fishing for compliments and how pretty and feminine he is.

His Depression

Bloodlent has a typical emo case of chemical depression. His source of this depression is having to attend a Roman Catholic school. He believes having to wear a uniform crushes his individuality, and has had countless bouts of crying and cutting because of this.

An Example of his LJ Entries

I'm so sick of people putting me down, just because I KIND OF LOOK FEMININE... I mean teenagers these days are so concerned with flipping their hair like little Johnny down the street flipping his hair. I made up the whole emo subculture. I didn't even know I was making it up, I'm just A LITTLE MORE FEMININE THAN MOST BOYS. I mean I'm not trying to get other people to suggest that BLOODLENT LOOKS LIKE A GIRL AND IS VERY PRETTY. I like kids in the book stores reading anime on the floor.


Bloodlent's MySpace

Half of Bloodlent's Myspace consists of how he hates to have a Myspace and hates mainstream stuff, and how Myspace isn't big enough to describe the complex labyrinth that is his mind. The other half is a bunch of slash fangirls who worship him. Upon further study, the people who worship him aren't even real.

You see, every single one of the slash fangirls who comment on HOW FEMININE AND GIRL-LIKE BLOODLENT IS, all of their myspaces are set on private. All of them. Stranger yet, if you look at the girls picture and type a feature of hers into Google Image Search: Such as you see a black haired girl leaving a over kill comment on his Myspace, you go to Google and type "black haired teenage girl" and his myspace friend will come up. For those of you who are just tuning in- Bloodlent makes a whole bunch of fake Myspaces, searches in Google for pictures, then leaves god like worshipping comments/picture comments.

Also, Bloodlent's top 8 is made up entirely of fat chicks.


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