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Proper Bloodninja apparel.
Gandalf came prepared.
The effects of bloodninja.
And games too...
Blood Ninja lulz spill onto Steam.

Bloodninja is the AIM alias of an internet magician who trolled chat rooms in order to pwn 16 year old girls who wished to cyber. The results are some of the funniest pieces of literature ever to be spawned from the interbutts. While there have been rumors that Bloodninja's Powerword:IRL name may be "Jackson", his true identity remains Chris. As a result of this anonymity, there have been a few chat logs erroneously purported to have originated from Bloodninja. These, however, are usually recognizably false in that they fail to bring the lulz in force.

The actual Bloodninja logs are at least 100 years old by now, and everyone who read them back when Jesus was born has no doubt forgotten about them entirely by now.


Bloodninja began his internet stardom with a simple thread on the V6power forums which ultimately led to the thread getting closed (and deleted?) due to overwhelming traffic killing their bandwidth. Popularity of his internet conversations spread throughout the intarwebz, appearing on sites like albinoblacksheep.

Truth be told, Bloodninja's conversations were ripped off of by Johnny Cheesedog.


During its time, Bloodninja's legacy spread slightly into memehood. This is evidenced most by the phrase "I put on my robe and wizard hat.", a particularly lulzy turn of events in two of his most notable chat transcripts. Image macros involving wizards donning proper regalia can sometimes still be found deep within the bowels of the net. It has been reported that Bloodninja's most memorable quote is preserved at the top of the RPG section of the Steam Store, but that, much like the cake, is a lie. sitting right there at the top of the page, dumbass. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS!!!


Bloodninja's famous line is referenced in Disgaea 2, the armor "Wizard Hat"'s description reads, "I put on my robe and Wizard Hat." This is proof that Disgaea is, and forever will be, THE BEST.


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