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sometimes trolling can be painful!
Minton after he consumed the blood of Hubbard proudly displays Hubbard's skull before also consuming THAT too
Would you wanna fuck with this guy? I wouldn't!

Robert S. Minton, AKA Daddy Whorebucks is a moralfag, real life troll, and possible Jew who, for ten years, slept on the streets of Clearwater, Florida eating a diet of nothing but rice, beans, and water. After trolling the investment world for twenty years and losing people all kinds of money, Bob decided it was time to put his skills to the test and troll the Cult of Scientology he quickly joined up with other moralfags such as Tory Christman and Mark Bunker. For six years, Minton would be seen trolling the streets of Clearwater shouting and screaming while holding a sign with some kind of slogan on it (or none at all because he's THAT hardcore). The source of Bob Minton's power is prior to the death of L Ron Hubbard Minton used his exterior OT abilities to fly to the site of Hubbard's deathbed and consume his blood and his skull.

Bob Minton, inventor of the THREEP

In 2001 Bob Minton invented the THREEP to keep Scientologists away from him and within the distance of the injunction they got against him for his trolling.

Minton is the ONLY /b/lackup you need

Fun Facts about Minton

  • Bob Minton does not sleep, he waits
  • Bob Minton was once punched by a Scientologist and his reply was to wipe the blood away and grin, thus proving he is EVIL!
  • Bob Minton once saved a bus of nuns from going over a cliff, only to ask if they had directions to Clearwater - when they didn't, they were promptly pushed back over the cliff

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