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Oh I get it, testicles.

Deez Nuts is one of the most unfunny memes known to mankind. It is commonly said only by 13 year old boys, niggers, and asspies just to sound cool and funny, or to sound like an edgy gangster. They will repeat it over and over again laughing the entire time because they think that if they laugh while they say something it automatically has to be funny. It's a forced meme due to this repetition and should be ignored wherever and whenever it appears.

If you are on an image board anyone who posts this is likely to be underage so feel free to click the "report" button on their post. Even if they are over 18 they are manchildren, so there is no loss in banning them. Also, say this to a underage girl to immediately become registered as a sex offender.

Explain this Shit to me

Commonly found on shirts in edgy gift shops.

The black dude (take in the consideration that this is one of the many races that start the most unfunny shit and turn that same shit into a bland trend, therefore not making any sense to those who aren't niggers) who started all this is named Welven Harris a.k.a Welven Da Great, because we're entertained by memes that take advantage of the exploitation of those that can’t help themselves on a daily basis.

The meme is simple: put Deez Nuts in as a name, commonly of a fictional brand of edibles. Tell people to put "deez nuts" in their mouth. Because nuts is slang for testicles, you're basically telling them to suck your balls. If you put a peanut or walnut or something with the words, you can't be banned due to profanity and your mommy won't yell at you. You can also make it the name of a political candidate and ask people what they think of Deez Nuts, srsly. If this seems unfunny to you already, that's because it is. It's the same level as laughing at the Bible because Jesus rode an ass and ass means butt. Pathetic.

Alternate version: show a critter with distended testicles and make some lame testicular pun. The most common one is a squirrel captioned "I wanna bust a nut in your hole" or "hellooo ladies". Some especially lazy versions drop the pun and just show off some balls which is not gay at all, you guys. This version is very common at edgy giftshops like Spencers where teenage boys buy it to pretend they are older and more mature. Point out to any guy who posts this that they are staring at a man's junk and how gay that is and watch the butthurt no homo begin.

Example videos:

Boffa/Bofa Deez Nuts

If it didn't get any more worse than the original, a unfunny mutation of the already unfunny Deez Nuts has appeared: Boffa/Bofa Deez Nuts. Boffa is supposedly the sound of testicles hitting against one's face, so "Boffa/Bofa Deez Nuts" simply means they want to teabag you. As there are no girls on the internet, this version is super gay.

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