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It either means that 9/11 was an inside job or that your sig is ten times bigger than your post.

Bombshock is an edgy group of underground discussion forums based solely on the awesome content of the anarchist's cookbook. Once upon a time, this site went under the name of ""; however, it just didn't sound Xtreme and anti-conformist enough, so the members came up with the name "bombshock". Bombshock shares many similarities with, only the community is much smaller and focuses more specifically on explosives & illicit activities rather than incest fanfiction to appeal to sk8r bois. They have a textfile section like Totse, but is separate from the main site and called Nodoze networks. The difference? Nodoze has textfiles you can find for free on Totse for the low monthly price of $14.95 a month.

The stuff talked about here includes:

  • Cheating on school tests by putting nail polish on scantron cards.
  • Lockpicking by watching Macgyver while yelling "LOL!"
  • Getting revenge on your parents because they grounded you for downloading furry art on their computer.
  • Night anarchy (tipping over newspaper boxes).
  • How to win at school fights by bringing a pipebomb.
  • Making homemade drugs with bannana skins and peanuts.
  • Phone PhReAkinG.
  • Making homemade bombs with cotton and gasoline.
  • Making fake IDs so you and your 13-year-old buddies can get drunk off of peach schnapps.

Forum Rivalry

Bombshock over the years has come under constant attacks and flame wars for empowering introverted dumbasses with underground information that would make even the FBI shake in their boots. Bombshock members are among the most pretentious "anarchists" the internet has seen. Sometimes one occasionally goes onto Totse with the intent of trolling, inciting massive forum drama. They are also targeted by the Explosive and Weapons forum (which is actually an intelligent forum consisting of adults, rather than 8th graders); however it is puzzling why they would even bother. It's like shooting fish in a barrel with a tommy gun. Also, the explosives forum have been closed down, probably because too many 12-year old pyros blew their hands off.

Trolling Bombshock

Makayla (Or what she used for her pic)

The most epic troll of Bombshock evar may be a 14 year old girl named Makayla. She spammed weaboo threads full of anime girls with assault rifles in the weapons board, along with floods of goatse and bot-posted ANAL BLAST threads in every forum. Before the flood, Which just goes to show how shitty Bombshock really is. Some kind of hack was used and somehow she couldn't get banned until everyone got butthurt enough to have an admin do it. This was done by the same fags who eventually started #hurr.

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