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Pedobear and pup.

Boo was Pink Poodle's dog. All he did was not give a shit about anything. In fact, he didn't give a shit about you so why are you reading this article? He was a German Shepherd/Akita mix and he appeared to ignore his owner all the time. Boo also had his own YouTube series where, in low-res videos of him, he does not give a shit about anything. Pink Poodle would question him on various things, like if he cared about his birthday, if he wanted to go out to go to the bathroom, if he wanted a dog treat, if he would speak and stop ignoring her, where Boo wanted to go on an adventure that day, what silly things he'd decide to do, and ask for him to get off of the leather couches. He passed away in mid-2010. Boo was the best.

It is still unknown why he had a YouTube following of at least 300 people. It is even more mysterious why he had that fugly pinkish-mauve-colored dog collar either. Seriously, ew.


It is unknown why exactly Boo was put down. Apparently he really didn't give much of a shit. It is speculated that Boo starved to death from Pink Poodle raiding in EQ2 of 67 hours straight, but that's a lie as she's always kicked out of raids, and Boo would have opened the fridge by then. (Even then, he wouldn't care.)

Boo is now in Hæven where the deceased patriots of lulz go when they die. He is the junkyard dog.


File:Doctor boo.jpg
Boo is immortalized as Doctor Boo.
Goodnight sweet prince:



Thayo in #wiki



Mungbean in #wiki

The best dog on the internet ;(


—MikeMcNanner on YouTube

I'm gonna miss that dog.


—RobertBobbyHill on YouTube

I miss boo already.. ;_;


—Reaprar on YouTube

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