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Chris-chan with the solution for said problem.

Boochan (aka. FatM1ke) is a male camwhore from Perth, Australia who likes to show off his Gynecomastia (this is beyond just manboobs, but guys with breasts larger than a Japanese woman and the man's breasts even give milk). He frequently posts his nudes to Wikipedia and /b/. Every so often, due to the amount of fucked up people on /b/, a sick fuck will request MOAR. Boochan is invariably there, and so a flood of pictures will come. Ironically his images are not on the bad image list, so they can easily be used for vandalism. He is well aware of this article and is glad about it. When asked, he was surprised it took this long for people to find his gross pics. He can be contacted at boochan[at] on MSN, fatassboochan on AIM and fatassbo0chan on YIM..

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