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A booger's worst enemy.
This is also Booger.
How to properly store a booger.

A booger is what the common neckbeard has scraped on the bottom of his World of Warcraft Battlestation. Boogers come in different shapes and sizes. Niggers don't have boogers, their white woman panty sniffer are a bit more dry, due to large consumptions of KFC and other brands.

Some boogers are often mistaken as raisins or money (most commonly with Jews). But, for those who don't know, a booger is neither of those things. In most cases it is that green shit people wipe on their wall.

Boogers have been through brutal table-scrapings by many all over the world who are too lazy to get a fucking Kleenex, and by those that have booger-fetishists.

Eating your boogers

Let's be frank, those who do this are probably fat lonely basement-dwelling battlefield players who have nothing more than scream about campers. Although, some argue that eating boogers can actually boost the immune system. Yup! Shoving a slimy, wretched, most likely bloody, clot of snot down one's foodpipe can make them healthy.You know what that means, eat away, friends!

Users of the Booger

There are millions of users of the booger. But the most notable are... MMORPG Players, these fuckers, these fuckers, and someone extra special.

Booger is part of a series on WHY IS THERE AN ARTICLE?

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