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An average bookmark.

A bookmark is a placeholder you can use to track pages you have visited on the Web. It was originally used for real books, but who knows how to use those any more?

Uses of bookmarks

Bookmarks have three uses:

1. Quick access to pages you visit frequently.
2. A reminder for things you claim to want to read later.
3. Remembering that particularly long pr0nz URL, and disguising it as an annotated guide to Mozart.

IRL bookmarks have no use. IRL Bookmarks are a useless gift you can make out of practically anything, thus negating any need someone could have for one.

IRL bookmark (deprecated)

At least 100 years ago, a bookmark was:

Something placed in a book to guide in finding a particular page or passage; also, a label in a book to designate the owner; a bookplate.

This usage was phased out by Congress in 2006, since they've stopped using IRL bookmarks in favor of simply bending over the pages.

Good things to bookmark