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Where bronies, weeaboos, and permavirgins fap together in peace and harmony

A booru (plural boorus, Japanese for "board") is a style of imageboard much like a chan, except you have to register and the images, SWFs, and WebMs you post stays up FOREVER. The result, of course, is inevitably large amounts of animu, gay furry fart porn, and CP. A booru can easily be distinguished by having a bunch of iddy biddy lolis holding up numbers on the front page bragging about how many images the site contains... DO NOT BE FOOLED! Behind every loli there are thousands upon thousands of obese lizard people gang-raping a fetus. And you're next. So, if you value your sanity, stay away... but, considering how you're you, that's a lost cause anyway...

Imageboard 2.0

Danbooru-style boards organize images based on tags, ratings, and scores. So instead of having a hierarchical organizing structure with a bunch of directories and sub-directories (or boards, such as /b/, /mlp/, /pol/, etc.) one finds images simply by searching for their characteristics. The types of tags are general (e.g., "animated"), artists (e.g., "shadman"), characters (e.g., "berry_punch"), and copyrights (e.g., "star_wars"). Ratings signify sexual content. And scores signifies how well the sites' users like certain content, a sort of peer review.


The software used on boorus varies: mainly decent stuff, except the original version of Gelbooru. 95% of's hostnames run this shitware. This is likely because Slayerduck is too poor to afford buying Gelbooru 0.2.x—so instead it's users are stuck with Gelbooru 0.1.x open-source-shitware.

Popular Boards

The most popular content is "relationship" stuff, cute stuff, and pornography. Relationship stuff is artful depictions of characters from a story. Permavirgins are loners with a giant boner for some sort of relationship with other characters or people; they feel this towards the characters of the TV shows and movies (see waifu and PSI) and also feel a connection to the other fags that what their animu or pastel colored ponies. Cute stuff is artful anime characters (OMG so kawaii!) and little ponies. Boorus were originally created for hentai and anime due to the magnitude of that subculture. And pornography is a strong stimulant; if it wasn't then everyone would die because there is no drive to reproduce.

  1. Gelbooru: anime and hentai is the most popular because of autism and the fact that porn produces a very similar mental phenomenon compared to drugs not consumed with the eyes
  2. Paheal and porn that is fictional fantasy yields great interest
  3. Derpibooru: My Little Pony attracts many autists and furries (or just "cloppers") for the porn
  4. e621 and FurryBooru: furry "art" is quite popular among the depraved fucks on the internets
  5. Realbooru (and others): IRL porn–obviously–is also in high demand; however with just images, it is not as popular as rule 34 due to the limitations of real life.

Memes, politics, cats, other animals, and technology are also somewhat popular, but those things are like marijuana where pornography is like heroin.

A List of Boorus

All boorus as of 2019


Infinite e-penis!

Boorus are similar to massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Users grind shit tons of empirical knowledge onto image pages and otherwise to gain points, level up,[7][8] and top the leaderboards. [9][10] However, constructive change is not the only change; sometimes vandals fight the system/seriously waste time by poisoning tags.[11][12]

Gallery of Booruty

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