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There is no need for this beautiful ass to have anything to do with niggers whatsoever.
My body is ready
The enemy.....fapfapfap
Music for booty shaking
Cyclops is the only white man who can fight the shaking of the net
This is fucking hawt. The delicious cellulite is there for you to sink your teeth into.
Booty shaking is an inevitable precursor to animal abuse.

At least 100 years ago, Booty Shaking was invented by white women who wanted to fuck daddy's niggers on the plantation. By shaking their thick white butts, the niggas in a fit of sexual confusion would kill the owner for a piece of rimming fun. It was a major problem until the 80's when everything became lame and Mossad were too busy planning more bombings. But when the 90's came, Eternal September was ripe and Jews at TV networks were trying to increase ratings, and so booty shaking was a forced back into society by the Jews who wanted to increase the already problematic half-breed nation. While this only affected negrodite men at first, Jews pushed it into the white peoples faces through TV, Radio and Ad banners and forced white men to succumb to the thick juicy asses of women.


The internet shakedown

While it can be hypnotically good to watch, booty shaking videos are part of the cancer that is filling the tubes faster than a nigga jumps on a banana cream flavored booty. They are ever-present on YouTube and MySpace, but are regularly taken down due to the often underage content. Jews have also found that ads get more clicks if they feature these videos, and this explains why so many video sites approve of crappy flash banners. Internet whores and female trolls realized that by having such a hypnotic body part, they could use it for e-begging and getting private information so that they could blackmail losers for money. That way, they could buy better houses for themselves and their nigger BFs. While most of the people who complain about the videos are skinny emo whores who wish for a better ass, a lot of White Nationalists are currently trying to kill porn star Katja Kassin who is the main cause of the videos and missing white woman syndrome.

Youtube-favicon.png Ghetto made booty video.

Notice how the video has been clipped to have 'anti-hate' messages among all of the hypnotizing booty shaking. FUCKING JEWS/NIGGERS EVERYWHERE!!!!

Reasons for Booty Shaking

When that guy says he wants a piece of your ass, RUN!!!!!

Examples of the Cancer

Pop Lock n Droop

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Note the bad music. Also, obvious weave is obvious.

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O GOD NO!!!! CLICK HERE for eyeball surgery.

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